What is PVR on DStv?

What is PVR on DStv?

Our personal video recorder (PVR) decoders allow viewers greater control over their viewing experience. With the following exciting features: Record 150 hours of standard TV or 50 hours of HD TV. View one, record one simultaneously.

Which DStv decoders can record?

The DStv Explora allows you to record up to 220 hours of your favourite programming, ensuring that you always have something to watch. part of a series, you can record just the episode, or the entire season of the series.

What is the difference between HD PVR and Explora?

PVR is an abbreviation of Personal Viewer Recorder. Therefore the main difference between the DStv Explora and the DStv HD decoder is the recording function. The recording function does affect the pricing of the DStv Explora.

Do you pay extra for PVR?

Will I pay extra to use the PVR functionality of the HD PVR? The monthly cost for a single HD PVR is the DStv subscription for your selected package(s) ie. DStv Premium, DStv Compact, DStv Indian, DStv fr or DStv Bue as well as an access fee. Repeats are part of pay TV services around the world.

What can a PVR do?

Like a VCR, a PVR has the ability to pause, rewind, stop, or fast-forward a recorded program. A PVR’s capabilities include time marking, indexing, and non-linear editing. The PVR encodes an incoming video data stream as MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 and stores it on a hard disk within a device that looks much like a VCR.

Which DStv decoder is best?

DStv Explora Ultra
The DStv Explora Ultra puts the power in your hands so you can enjoy all the best content, exactly the way you want to. Enjoy streaming services including DStv, Showmax, Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube – directly from the APPS button on your remote.

Does HD PVR have catch up?

No, Catch Up is available to all our subscribers. You can either stream online (via our website or using the DStv app). If you are using a PVR, there is an Access Fee when using features making use of the hard drive (which includes Catch Up).

How do I reset my PVR?

It is important to reboot the equipment in a specific order.

  1. Restart your modem.
  2. Once it is back online, find your PVR.
  3. Disconnect the power cord from the back of the box.
  4. Wait 2 minutes.
  5. Reconnect the power cord to the back of your digital box.
  6. The digital box will be ready when both the Link and Power lights are on.

How do I activate my PVR?

How to activate your wired HD receiver or PVR

  1. Once you see the Fibe TV activation screen, press SELECT to begin the activation.
  2. Select the desired language.
  3. Select Activate.
  4. If youʼre repairing a PVR, press SELECT to restart your HD PVR.
  5. If you have an HD PVR, itʼs now restarting.

How much do you pay for PVR?

The monthly subscription fee for DStv Premium will remain unchanged at R809, and the subscription fee for DStv Easy is unchanged at R29 per month. The Access Fee of R90 is also being increased to R95 per month that subscribers must pay if they want to use a personal video recorder (PVR) decoder like the DStv Explora.