What is pre-trial diversion in Louisiana?

What is pre-trial diversion in Louisiana?

The Pre-Trial Diversion Program is an opportunity for offenders to have their charges resolved after completing required conditions set forth by the City Prosecutor. Such conditions are based on the charge(s) received or the nature of the charge(s).

How do you get a pretrial diversion?

Pretrial diversion occurs after the defendant has been charged, but prior to trial. This is the more common of the two types of diversion programs. When you enter into a pretrial diversion, the prosecution is put on hold and if the defendant successfully completes the program, the charges are dismissed.

Is a pretrial diversion a conviction?

For many nonviolent crimes, such as theft, pretrial diversion is an option. This means that you will never be convicted of any crime, and even the record of your arrest will no longer be available to the public.

What is pre-trial diversion give me an example?

For example, the pretrial diversion programs used for drug offenses often involve: completing a drug rehabilitation or substance abuse program, undergoing drug testing and passing random drug tests during the program, providing regular status updates to the court or to a program officer, and.

How long does pretrial diversion last?

Program Length The length of a pre-trial diversion program varies between states and for felonies and misdemeanors. For misdemeanors, they generally run from six months to a year, while felonies generally run for one to two years.

How long is the PTI program in Louisiana?

6 to 24 months
The PTI program will require supervision with the District Attorney’s office with a time period of 6 to 24 months depending on the nature of the offense. The District Attorney or Assistant Attorney may also require special conditions based on his view of the facts and circumstances of the case.

Which are the two main kinds of diversion programs?

There are two general types of diversion programs: informal and formal. Informal or caution or warning programs are the least invasive and serve to divert youths out of the system with little to no further action.

What is diversion completion in court?

A way for low-level offenders to avoid a criminal record by undertaking conditions that benefit the victim, the community and themselves. The completion of a diversion has many benefits including the avoidance of a criminal record.

What are the purposes of pretrial diversion?

The major objectives of pretrial diversion are: To prevent future criminal activity among certain offenders by diverting them from traditional processing into community supervision and services. To save prosecutive and judicial resources for concentration on major cases.

Does diversion mean conviction?

What is a diversion? If a person who accepts a diversion agreement successfully completes the terms of that agreement, his or her case is dismissed by the prosecuting attorney, and the case does NOT result in a conviction.

Is diversion the same as pleading guilty?

‘ Either way, the offence appears on your criminal record if your plea of guilty is entered. The Diversion Program (a ‘Diversion’) is run by the Magistrates’ Court and is designed to allow an alternative way for offenders to deal with their matter without recording a finding of guilt.

What does getting diversion mean?

What is a Diversion? The Diversion Program (a ‘Diversion’) is run by the Magistrates’ Court and is designed to allow an alternative way for offenders to deal with their matter without recording a finding of guilt. This is often used in the case of first-time offenders.

How does the pretrial diversion program work?

Qualified participants are referred and accepted into the pretrial diversion program. The case is screened to determine if the offender meets the criteria for the program. The defendant is sent a letter informing them of the program.

Who is the chief Pretrial Services officer in the USA?

See USA Form 184, this Manual at 714 .|B814 The Chief Pretrial Services Officer (or the Chief Probation Officer) may make preliminary recommendations to the U.S. Attorney.

What are the conditions of a diversion program?

Participation in the program by the offender is voluntary: The divertee must sign a contract agreeing to waive his/her rights to a speedy trial and presentment of his/her case within the statute of limitations;

Where can I get information for a diversion?

Inquiries by magistrates should be directed to the Criminal Justice Act Division, Administrative Office of the United States Courts, (202) 727-2800, for expenditure authorizations. All information obtained in the course of making the decision to divert an offender is confidential, except that written statements may be used for impeachment purposes.