What is Kalix roe?

What is Kalix roe?

Kalix Löjrom is the designation of the roe of the small salmonid fish species vendace (Coregonus albula), harvested specifically from the Bothnian Bay archipelago of the Baltic Sea in northern Sweden. For various reasons the roe has a more orange or red color than most vendace roe and the grains have a mild taste.

What colour is bleak roe?

Caviar Bleak Roe must be hand extracted from the fish on the same day it was caught, and it is then thoroughly rinsed, dried and salted. The final product is orange-colored due to the unique feeding habits of vendace fish, and it has a subtly salty flavor reminiscent of fish oil.

What is vendace roe?

The vendace, Coregonus albula, is a fish in the salmonidae family found in freshwater lakes in northern Europe and in diluted brackish water in the Gulfs of Finland and Bothnia. Vendace roe is considered a delicacy, which has been granted a PDO status in the Swedish Bothnian Bay archipelago (Kalix löjrom).

What is the difference between Kalix lojrom and vendace roe?

The roe has to be extracted by hand. This is a highly skilled job: each female vendace produces about 2 teaspoons of roe, which has to be rinsed, dried and lightly salted before it can be labelled as Kalix löjrom. For various reasons the roe has a more orange or red colour than most vendace roe and it has a more mild and subtle taste.

Where can I find Kalix lojrom in the UK?

Kalix löjrom is produced from the roe from vendace fish swimming in the lightly salted water off the coast of Kalix in northern Sweden. They are quite small and only grow to about 20 cm (8″). (Vendace are occasionally found in the UK although they are Britain’s rarest fish.)

What’s the best way to eat Kalix lojrom?

One of the simplest ways of serving Kalix löjrom is on rye bread with some gräddfil or soured cream mixed with some finely chopped red onion. More… Kalix löjrom can be eaten on its own in a small snaps glass, but it is perhaps best served with prawns and avocado as a starter. More…