What is gem macOS?

What is gem macOS?

The interface for RubyGems is a command-line tool called gem which can install and manage libraries (the gems). RubyGems integrates with Ruby run-time loader to help find and load installed gems from standardized library folders. The public repository helps users find gems, resolve dependencies and install them.

What is brew gem?

brew-gem — install gems as homebrew formulas. This formula installs and unpacks all the dependencies under the Cellar path.

Where is gem installed on Mac?

By default, binaries installed by gem will be placed into: /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.7. 0/bin You may want to add this to your PATH.

How do I install gems?

To install a gem, use gem install [gem] . Browsing installed gems is done with gem list . For more information about the gem command, see below or head to RubyGems’ docs.

How do I know if gem is installed?

Since your goal is to verify a gem is installed with the correct version, use gem list . You can limit to the specific gem by using gem list data_mapper . To verify that it’s installed and working, you’ll have to try to require the gem and then use it in your code.

How do I update my gem version?


  1. Update RubyGems. To update to its latest version with: gem update –system.
  2. Install gems. To install a gem (Ruby package), run: gem install
  3. List installed gems. gem list.
  4. Update installed gems. To update all gems or a particular gem: gem update []
  5. Remove old gem versions.

How do you update a gem to a specific version?

This will work if the gem has no shared dependencies with other gems.

  1. Find out the version you want to update to.
  2. Add that version explicitly to the Gemfile with , ‘=1.2.3’
  3. Run bundle install.
  4. Remove the explicit version number again.
  5. Run bundle install once more.

What is GEM and homebrew?

RubyGems and Homebrew are both package managers. RubyGems was created for the express purpose of installing gems whereas Homebrew is a more general tool which can build, install and manage different software packages including gems. gem can also install the gems and it can do it in any of these locations.

How do I update my GEM version?

How do I download a gem file?

3 Answers

  1. Create a new Folder with a File named Gemfile in it.
  2. Write a Source and the Gem you want to have the dependencys for into the File.
  3. Open a Commandline at this Folder an Execute: bundle install.
  4. This should download and install all Dependencys.
  5. Execute the Command bundle list if you wanna see it.

How do I check my gem version?

You can check your Ruby version by running ruby –version , and you can check your RubyGems version by running gem –version . If you need to upgrade Ruby, use your ruby version manager’s instructions. If you need to upgrade RubyGems, run gem update –system .