What is extirpation quizlet?

What is extirpation quizlet?

extirpation. The disappearance of a particular population from a given area, but not the entire species globally.

What is the difference between extinction and extirpation quizlet?

Extinction occurs when the last member of a species dies. Extirpation, on the other hand, occurs when a particular species disappears from a given area only, not globally.

What is the difference between extirpation and extinction?

Extinction versus Extirpation Extinction refers to the process through which organisms or a group of organisms (normally a species) cease to exist. Extirpation is the local extinction of an organism or species, where it/they cease to exist in a particular area but continue to exist elsewhere.

What is the meaning of extirpation?

Medical Definition of extirpation : complete excision or surgical destruction of a body part.

How does genetic diversity affect a population’s chances of survival quizlet?

How does genetic diversity affect a popukation’s chances of survival? More genetic diversity = better chance of adapting to environmental change or disease. Little genetic diversity = population will be vulnerable to changes or disease and could produce weak offspring.

What causes extirpation?

There are five major causes of extinction: habitat loss, an introduced species, pollution, population growth, and overconsumption.

What is an example of extirpation?

Examples of Extirpation A common example of extirpation is the human-caused local extinction of the gray wolf (Canis lupus) from around two-thirds of their historic natural habitat range. Gray wolves used to be distributed widely across the Northern Hemisphere, throughout North America, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Why is it important to have high genetic diversity in a population quizlet?

The greater the genetic diversity within a species, the greater that species’ chances of long-term survival. This is because negative traits (such as inherited diseases) become widespread within a population when that population is left to reproduce only with its own members. You just studied 4 terms!

What are the two main outcomes of a debt for nature swap quizlet?

What are the two main outcomes of a debt-for-nature swap? A conservation organization raises money and offers to pay off a part of a developing nations international debt in exchange for a by the nation to set aside reserves, fund environmental education, and better manage protected areas.

What produces gene flow quizlet?

Population gene pools must become isolated. What produces gene flow? mating between populations. What is suggested by the hypothesis of punctuated equilibrium?

How is genetic diversity beneficial to a species quizlet?

How is genetic diversity beneficial to a species? Helps some organisms of a species survive and reproduce in conditions where other organisms of the species cannot. It results in unique combination of genes from both mother and father.