What is Credible bh?

What is Credible bh?

Credible provides Behavioral Healthcare Enterprise software to the growing US Behavioral Health (Mental Health and Substance Abuse) market. Marketed as secure, proven, easy to use software for clinic, community, residential, and mobile care providers, Credible leads the industry in innovation and customer service.

Who owns credible behavioral health software?

The company will be led by David Klements, CEO of Qualifacts. Matthew Dorman, CEO of Credible, will continue as a strategic advisor to the company. “Qualifacts and Credible are highly regarded in the behavioral health software industry.

How do you know if a source is credible?

There are several main criteria for determining whether a source is reliable or not.

  1. 1) Accuracy. Verify the information you already know against the information found in the source.
  2. 2) Authority. Make sure the source is written by a trustworthy author and/or institution.
  3. 3) Currency.
  4. 4) Coverage.

Is Credible a legit company?

Is Credible legit? You can’t borrow a student loan from Credible or get lower interest rates by using its platform. But Credible is a legitimate way for student loan borrowers to compare multiple offers — similar to other online lending marketplaces, including NerdWallet’s — to get the best deal possible.

Does Credible affect credit score?

When you request personalized rates from Credible, you’re authorizing a soft credit inquiry that has no effect on your credit score. That’s because at this initial stage in the process, you’re not actually applying for a loan.

How do I know if my source is credible?

What are three qualities of credible sources?

There are many factors that make a source credible. Whenever you are looking at a source on the internet, you should check several things to verify that the information is credible. These things include the source’s authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and coverage.

What are not credible sources?


  • Book.
  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Peer reviewed journals.
  • Peer reviewed articles.
  • PhD or MBA dissertations and research.
  • Public library.
  • Scholarly articles.

Should you use credible?

Credible is a good option for people who want to view multiple refinancing options. It’s free to use and won’t impact your credit score, but choosing a loan through Credible could cause you to miss out on federal benefits.

Does credible charge a fee?

Credible does not charge users any fees whatsoever for using its comparison tools. In most cases, partners pay a referral fee for each borrower Credible sends their way. Whether or not you’re charged an origination fee or other fees on your loan will depend on the lender that you choose.