What is Coligone used for?

What is Coligone used for?

Coligone helps to maintain healthy acid levels in the gut and may be used during periods where disturbance of the microflora has occurred within the digestive tract. It can assist with problems caused by raised acid levels such as wind sucking, tucking up, grumpy behaviour and poor performance in competition horses.

How do you feed Coligone?

Coligone is gentle enough for use on foals – It is extremely good for foals which aren’t thriving or are scouring. Feed the recommended amount by oral syringe twice daily until the scouring ceases.

What does gut balancer do for horses?

Gut Balancer supports optimal nutrition by providing key nutrients, and by improving digestive function and efficiency. Gut Balancer contains a palatable probiotic and unique dual source prebiotics, specifically designed for horses and ponies. Use daily for general wellbeing.

What is Protexin for horses?

Promoting normal digestive function, Protexin Gut Balancer is a palatable prebiotic and probiotic powder that can be used either continuously or simply in times of high stress or digestive upset to restore the natural gut balance.

How much Coligone do I give?

Directions for use: 50 ml Syringe to be administered orally as required or mixed with feed . Can be fed on a daily basis 50ml twice a day to support the digestive tract and aid the stomach against gastric acid.

What is the best ulcer supplement for horses?

16 Best Ulcer Supplements for Horses – Safe & Natural [Research…

  • Bioactive Proteins.
  • Corn Oil.
  • Zinc.
  • Sea Buckthorn Berries.
  • Wei Le San.
  • Licorice.
  • Antacids.
  • Ulcer Risk.

Is Protexin a probiotic?

Protexin Soluble® is a palatable 7-strain probiotic powder which can be added to milk, water or top dressed onto the animal’s food. This completely natural biological product ensures a beneficial balance of digestive tract micro-organisms in all animals.

Can humans take Protexin?

Although PROTEXIN soluble is sold ‘ for animal use only’ I was told by the manufacturers chemist that it was totally OK for humans. reuteri is one of only a few probiotic species in commercial use that belongs to the indigenous microflora of humans’ .

How quickly does GastroGard work?

Omeprazole takes several days to fully decrease stomach acid (increase the pH). Therefore vets don’t expect to see improvement in pain and other signs of gastric ulcers until day 3. The healing course for ulcers is 2-4 weeks of treatment. Four weeks is usually recommended.

What is the difference between Ulcergard and GastroGard?

The only differences between the two are product name and labeling: ULCERGARD is labeled for prevention of gastric ulcers at a dose of 1/4 syringe administered daily. GASTROGARD is labeled for treatment of gastric ulcers at a dose of 1 syringe administered daily.

What ingredients are in Coligone?

Useful for:

Manufacturer Coligone
Ingredients Label Seaweed buffer, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate Coligone does not contain sugar and is designed for horse’s with sugar intolerance in mind.
Key Ingredients Calcium, Calcium Carbonate, Seaweed, Sodium

What does coligone do to a horse’s body?

Coligone was developed in conjunction with the country’s leading equine nutrition experts and has been designed specifically to maintain acid levels in horses, guard against gastric irritation and promote a healthy digestive system.

Where can I get A H Bradshaw supplement?

Browse our range of products, or use any available filters to further narrow your results. to source it for you. H Bradshaw’s is a family run company whose mission is to maintain its reputation for supplying effective digestive soothing supplements which work fast and effectively.

What kind of rules does coligone comply with?

Coligone is veterinary endorsed and complies with FEI and Jockey Club rules, being used by competition riders and happy hackers alike.