What is Chozodia?

What is Chozodia?

Chozodia is an area of the planet Zebes, seen only in Metroid: Zero Mission.

How do you get the energy tank in Chozodia?

At the very top of the “cracked surface shaft”, Samus must force a Work Robot out of the way to obtain the Tank.

How do you do a Shinespark in Metroid Zero Mission?

To shinespark, press A from the ground without pressing a direction. During the start-up animation, press a direction to shinespark in that direction; Samus can shinespark horizontally, up, or diagonally up in either direction. Samus will then shoot herself in that direction, and will not stop until she hits an object.

Where is the power bomb Metroid Zero Mission?

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Game(s) Metroid: Zero Mission Metroid Prime Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Super Metroid Metroid: Other M Metroid Fusion
Located in Chozodia (Zero Mission) Central Dynamo of Phazon Mines (Metroid Prime) Undertemple of Dark Torvus Bog (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes) Crateria (Super Metroid) Sector 5 (ARC) (Metroid Fusion)

What is Shinesparking?

The shinespark, oftentimes shortened to simply “spark”, is a technique that allows Samus to travel at an extremely high speed at the expense of energy until Samus collides with a surface she cannot pass through with the technique.

How do you do the Shinespark?

A Shinespark is performed by activating the Speed Booster, crouching, and then jumping. When jumping, Samus can choose to aim the Shinespark in one of five directions; these directions are left, diagonal up-left, up, diagonal up-right, and right.

How many power bombs are there in Super Metroid?

Collect these to increase maximum energy. There are 14 in the game.

How do you open the orange doors in Super Metroid?

These doors are opened with 5 normal Missiles (in Metroid, Return of Samus, and Super Metroid) or a single Missile (in Prime onward). They can also be opened with 1 Super Missile.