What is cast and Crew production Payroll?

What is cast and Crew production Payroll?

Cast & Crew Payroll, LLC provides technology-enabled payroll and production-management services. The Company offers payroll and residuals processing, workers’ compensation, labor relations, production incentives, and production tax credit financing services. Cast & Crew Payroll serves entertainment industry companies.

How much is cast and crew worth?

Cast & Crew Payroll, LLC has 200 total employees across all of its locations and generates $33.91 million in sales (USD).

What is BTL payroll?

Btl – Burbank, CA – Payroll Service in Burbank, California. Categorized under Payroll Preparation Services. Our records show it was established in 1988 and incorporated in CA. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of 174339 and employs a staff of approximately 2.

How many employees does cast and crew have?

Based in California, Cast & Crew is a medium-sized technology company with 750 employees and a revenue of $14.1M.

What is my cast and crew?

: all the actors and other people who work to produce a show We spoke with members of the show’s original cast and crew.

Who bought Cast & Crew?

Founded in 1976, Burbank-based Cast & Crew had been acquired in December 2018 by EQT, the giant investment firm based in Stockholm, Sweden, with more than 100,000 employees.

How much does a professional film crew cost?

Generally, hourly rates for a camera crew range anywhere between $25/hour to $300/hour depending on the service. In order to complete your project, you’ll need to budget everything from crew members, to equipment type, to additional technicians.

What is the meaning of cast and crew?

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Where can I find cast and crew payroll?

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Where are cast and crew headquarters in Burbank CA?

Whether you’re near our headquarters in Burbank, or on set on the opposite side of the world, we’re accessible. Hyderabad -500081. Telangana, India © © 2021 Cast & Crew. All rights reserved. Cast & Crew and its associated logos are trademarks of Cast & Crew Payroll, LLC in the United States and/or other countries.

How long has cast and crew been in business?

Cast & Crew powered 8 of 10 Golden Globe® and 7 of 9 Academy® Award Best Picture Nominations in 2019. More than four decades of service. Customers of all sizes. Payroll professionals with 20+ years of experience. Let’s work together. Large or small.