What is an at-risk youth petition in washington state?

What is an at-risk youth petition in washington state?

An At-Risk Youth (ARY) petition is a request from a child’s parent or legal guardian to the Juvenile Court to assist the parent in maintaining the health and safety of their youth or the youth they are legally responsible for. Absent from home for at least 72 consecutive hours without parental consent.

What is youth petition?

The child is an at-risk youth; The petitioner has the right to legal custody of the child; Court intervention and supervision are necessary to assist the parent to maintain the care, custody, and control of the child; and.

What is a CHINS petition washington state?

Authored By: Columbia Legal Services A CHINS petition is a petition filed in court requesting that a child be placed in a residence other than the home of their parents or legal guardians.

How do you file a chin?

A school district may file a CHINS petition on a child who is under 16, who is absent a lot or misbehaves at school. The police may file a CHINS petition on a child who is under 17 and a runaway. Once the CHINS petition is issued, it is up to the judge, not the parent or the school, to decide when to dismiss the CHINS.

What is an at-risk kid?

“An at-risk youth is a child who is less likely to transition successfully into adulthood. Success can include academic success and job readiness, as well as the ability to be financially independent. It also can refer to the ability to become a positive member of society by avoiding a life of crime.”

How do I file a chins petition in Washington state?

File the CHINS Petition Petitions may be filed at any Clerk’s Office location, but hearings will occur in the courthouse corresponding to the zip code the parent resides in. In general, Seattle, Eastside, and North King County cases will be heard in Seattle, and South King County cases will be heard in Kent.

What is an at risk kid?

How long do chins cases last?

Lasts 6 months per statute, possible 3 month extension. Family no longer cooperates, DCS will file a CHINS. IC 31-34-1 through 31-34-25 • Court must grant DCS authority to file CHINS petition. CHINS case will be opened.

What causes youth at risk?

“Youth at risk” is a general term for a range of circumstances that place young people at greater vulnerability for problem behaviors, such as substance abuse, school failure, and juvenile delinquency, along with mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Is it bad to say at-risk youth?

Never use ‘at-risk’ as an adjective Using “at-risk” as an adjective for students is problematic. It makes “at-risk” a category like honors student, student athlete or college-bound student. “Risk” should describe a condition or situation, not a person.

What are at risk youth programs?

At risk youth programs are treatment centers that help teens who struggle with behavioral and emotional issues. These mental health challenges may include: depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use, technology addiction, and defiance.