What is a staurolite crystal?

What is a staurolite crystal?

Staurolite is a reddish brown to black, mostly opaque, nesosilicate mineral with a white streak. It crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system, has a Mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5 and the chemical formula: Fe2+2Al9O6(SiO4)4(O,OH)2.

What is staurolite good for?

Staurolite is a stone that’s used by healers all over the world to slow down the effects of aging. It’s known to strengthen the muscles and improve blood formation, as well as improve the assimilation of carbohydrates in the body.

What is the meaning of staurolite?

: a mineral consisting of a basic silicate of iron and aluminum in prismatic orthorhombic crystals often twinned so as to resemble a cross.

Is staurolite a gemstone?

Staurolite crystals in opaque cross shapes are popular gemstones. However, this material is very rarely transparent or facetable. These dark colored gems would make very durable jewelry pieces.

How is staurolite used?

It is used in geologic field work to assess the temperature-pressure conditions of a rock’s metamorphic history. In locations where staurolite is found as well-formed cruciform twinned crystals, it is sometimes collected, sold as a souvenir, made into jewelry, and used as an ornament.

Why is staurolite called Fairy Stone?

Staurolite is also known as fairy stones, fairy crosses, fairy tears, cross stone, or baseler taufstein, which translates to baptismal stone. This name was given to the stone because of its use in baptisms in the area of Basel, Switzerland.

Where is staurolite found?

The name is derived from stauros, the Greek word for cross. Staurolite occurs in Canada; North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia, U.S.; Brazil; Brittany, France; and Switzerland, especially along the Saint Gotthard Pass. For chemical formula and detailed physical properties, see silicate mineral (table).

What chakra is Chiastolite?

root chakra
Chiastolite helps one open up their root chakra and connect their energies to that of Mother Earth. These energies can provide one with mental clarity and inner peace, as well as accelerating one’s self healing process.

What is sillimanite gemstone?

Sillimanite (also known as Fibrolite) is found in various colours including green, yellow, brown, blue, white and even black. The gem is a complete Jekyll and Hyde; it can be discovered as a truly transparent gem, or completely opaque with a waxy lustre. …

Is Chiastolite a crystal?

The chiastolite crystals have been pseudomorphically altered by a mixture of muscovite, paragonite and margarite. The calcium rich margarite tends to form along the graphite rich crosses or bands within the chiastolite.