What is a Somite in zebrafish?

What is a Somite in zebrafish?

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SOMITE PATTERNING. Somites give rise to the axial skeleton and the skeletal muscle of the trunk. For example, in amniotes the cells adjacent to the notochord at the time of somite formation form sclerotome, whereas in zebrafish these cells form myotome.

How long does it take zebrafish to fully develop?

The zebrafish lifecycle is divided into four major periods: Embryo, larva, juvenile, and adult. The full life cycle from fertilized egg to adult is a quick 90 days. Early development occurs at a rapid, but predictable rate when the embryos are raised at 28 °C.

How long are zebrafish embryos for?

After the embryonic period, larval development lasts ∼6 weeks, during which the fish more than triple in length and progress through a series of morphological changes that transform the fins, pigment pattern, and overall body morphology into the juvenile configuration.

Which part of each somite forms the muscles of the limbs and body wall?

The myotome is that part of a somite that forms the muscles of the animal. Each myotome divides into an epaxial part (epimere), at the back, and a hypaxial part (hypomere) at the front. The myoblasts from the hypaxial division form the muscles of the thoracic and anterior abdominal walls.

Do zebrafish have teeth?

The zebrafish, a widely used model in genetic, molecular and developmental research, has no oral teeth, but teeth attached to the fifth branchial arch only [3].

How many somites appear in the first hour of pregnancy?

5-9 somites stage (11 2/3 h): The first 5-6 somites appear at the rate of about 3 per hour. The length of the embryo is about 0.8 mm, the same as the zygote.

Where can I find stage names for zebrafish?

Select a stage name below to get a detailed description and images. You can also browse the zebrafish Anatomical Ontology (AO) to show anatomical terms that are present at that stage.

How are the stages of zebrafish development determined?

The stages, and their names, are based on morphological features, generally readily identi- fied by examination of the live embryo with the dissecting stereomicroscope.

What happens at the 20-25 somites stage?

20-25 somites stage (19 h): Morphogenesis associated with the constriction of the yolk begins to straighten out the posterior trunk, and this, along with continued development of the tail, produces a marked increase in the length of the embryo to an EL of 1.4 mm (Fig. 15 M).