What is a solar plate etching?

What is a solar plate etching?

Solarplate is a light sensitized steel backed polymer material used by artists as an alternative to hazardous printing techniques. It is a simple, safer, and faster approach than traditional etching and relief printing.

What is an aquatint screen?

Aquatint screens are high resolution dot screens, used to produce a random pattern of precise dots on polymer plates. Aquatint screens are analogous to the rosin dust used in the step of “dusting” plates, with copper plate photogravure to create a similar, high resolution, random dot pattern.

What is price of solar panel?

The cost of grid-connected PV systems range from Rs 50,000 to 75,000 per kWp and the cost varies according to the inverter and type of panel chosen. The cost of off-grid solar PV systems is approximately Rs 1,00,000 as these PV systems require batteries which are costly.

How do you make an aquatint screen?


  1. In Photoshop open a new Letter size Gray scale 300 dpi document.
  2. Add a new layer and fill the layer with Black.
  3. Adjust the new layers Opacity to 80%
  4. Flatten the Image.
  5. Change the Gray scale to a Bitmap.
  6. Make it a 150 ppi Diffusion Dither.
  7. Change the Mode back to Gray scale.

Which is the oldest intaglio technique?

Engraving. First developed during the Middle Ages, engraving is the oldest and most common of the intaglio techniques. The meticulous process involves cutting a design into a copper plate using a tool called a burin.

Can we make solar cell at home?

Professionally made solar cells are made of special semiconductor material sandwiched between metal contacts and a layer of non-reflective glass. Though these materials are expensive, you can make your own solar cell at home out of materials that are much cheaper and easier to come by.

What do you need to know about solarplate etching?

SOLARPLATE is a prepared, light-sensitive polymer surface on a steel backing for artists to produce fine prints. Since Dan Welden’s development of the process in the 1970s, printmakers, painters, photographers, and art teachers interested in multiple impressions have found printmaking with SOLARPLATE an exciting adventure.

What kind of material is used for etching?

Solarplate is a light sensitized steel-backed polymer material used by artists as an alternative to hazardous printing techniques. Solar plates are a simple, safe, and fast approach to etching and relief printing that does not use grounds, acids or solvents.

What’s the best way to wash out a solarplate?

Cool water is used instead of acid. Gently, scrub the entire image with a soft Solarplate brush for about 1 minute for the double exposure; two minutes or longer for a single exposure (without the screen), or 5-10 minutes for a relief plate. During the washout, the image will be removed from the surface, creating an intaglio surface.

What kind of ink does a solarplate use?

The ease in inking is enhanced by using a magnetic vinyl under the Solarplate. The steel backed Solarplate stays put on the magnet making the wiping or rolling action extremely simple.