What is a recon soldier?

What is a recon soldier?

In military operations, reconnaissance or scouting is the exploration of an area by military forces to obtain information about enemy forces, terrain, and other activities. Espionage is usually considered to be different from reconnaissance, as it is performed by non-uniformed personnel operating behind enemy lines.

Does Army have recon?

United States Army Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leaders Course (RSLC) (formerly known as the Long Range Surveillance Leaders Course, or LRSLC) is a 29-day (four weeks and one day) school designed on mastering reconnaissance fundamentals of officers and non-commissioned officers eligible for assignments to those …

Is 0321 a primary MOS?

The ‘primary’ focus of qualifications is for Marines to be fully functional as the MOS 0321, Reconnaissance Man. The MOS subtly changed respectively into primary designations over time (i.e. 8652 merged into 0323; 8653 into 0324; 8654 into 0326) without any further need to maintain a secondary MOS designation.

What is recon infantry?

The infantry reconnaissance platoon is a specialty platoon comprised of infantry soldiers. Unlike traditional infantry platoons whose primary mission is to kill the enemy, the reconnaissance platoon’s primary mission is to provide the battalion commander information about the enemy.

Who are the soldiers on the Army MOS list?

Army MOS List MOS Name Rank 00B Diver Enlisted 00E Recruiter Enlisted 00H Enlisted Aide Enlisted 00R Recruiter/Retention NCO Enlisted

What does MOS 11d stand for in the Army?

11D MOS. Serves as member of scout squad or section, intelligence staff section, or armor surveillance radar section.

Can you become a MOS 11B in the Army?

The 11X program challenges new recruits with the option of becoming MOS 11B or MOS 11C. There is a higher demand for MOS 11B, and reports indicate the position makes up 15-17% of the U.S. Army. There is no guarantee that recruits going through 11X ā€“ Infantry Enlistment Option will become MOS 11B.

What are the first three symbols of the MOS?

DMOS ( Duty Military Occupational Specialty ): The Specialty a soldier was assigned to do. First 3 symbols (2 numbers and a letter) are the MOS. Fourth number is the level of skill (1 ā€“ 5).