What is a geo bachelor in the military?

What is a geo bachelor in the military?

Geo-baching is when a military family decides to separate, leaving the spouse and family in one location and the servicemember in another. When a servicemember decides to geo-bach, she/he receives BAH at the new duty installation, no matter which location has a higher BAH.

Do you get BAH as a geo bachelors?

The default situation for a geo-bachelor is to receive one BAH at the service member’s new duty station, regardless of which location has a higher BAH. They do not receive additional housing funds and are not assigned to housing on base.

Is BAH increasing 2022?

The proposed 2022 Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates increase is 2.7 percent. The increase is an average for all areas and actual rates will continue to be set by the individual location based on the current local rental housing market survey process. The 2022 BAH increase will be effective on January 1, 2022.

How Does BAH work unaccompanied?

BAH With Dependents and BAH Without Dependents If a member is serving an UNACCOMPANIED overseas tour, the member is eligible for BAH at the “with dependents” rate, based on the dependent’s US residence ZIP Code, plus OHA at the “without dependents” rate, if the member is not furnished government housing overseas.

What is geo Baching?

If you’re new to military culture, “geo-baching” is a term for what used to be referred to as being a “geographic bachelor”. In the bad old days when the uniformed services were male-dominated, this type of descriptor was commonplace.

Does your wife have to live with you to get BAH?

As long as you are still married, to give up BAH, you would have to reside in on-base family housing. However, unless your dependents move to your duty location, you are not authorized to reside in on-base family housing, because the rules say to qualify, your dependents must be living with you.