What does Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme mean?

What does Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme mean?

Nostalgia with subtle shades of eroticism are here for me on a personal level, but most noteworthy is that Pour Homme has such charm; if a fragrance could be charismatic, this one would have it spades. It’s bold without being brash, has dimension that belies its apparent simplicity, and just caresses the wearer in masculine, genteel elegance.

What was the first Yves Saint Laurent fragrance?

1st time I purchased a high end fragrance as an adult it was YSL Pour Homme. I can still hear the shop assistant’s words & picture the counter’s geographic position in that dept store, now long knocked down & relocated to grander digs a few blocks up.

What did Yves Saint Laurent look like in 1971?

Dry as a funeral drum, and the texture is even much more handsome than Yves himself in Jean Loup Sieff’s lens in 1971. That is saying a lot, already. But best of all, two gentle sprays of this soothes me as much as 60mg of benzodiazepine.

What was the plot twist of YSL Pour Homme?

YSL Pour Homme has a plot twist: the dry herbs, the musky animalism, a phantom civet reveals themselves no sooner than the top notes report their fanfare. It it were a sound it would be a cornet.