What does VVC mean on MGF?

What does VVC mean on MGF?

Variable Valve Control
Page eight of the original MGF brochure contained a short description which attempts to describe, for the general reader and potential purchaser, how the VVC (Variable Valve Control) mechanism works.

Are MGF any good?

A good MGF delivers a brilliant blend of handling and ride, while the TF is a little firmer and sharper but still comfortable. All of the bushes and balljoints can wear out in anything from 25,000 to 75,000 miles, so be prepared to replace them – as well as the shock absorbers – to get a really top-driving example.

What does VVC mean?


Acronym Definition
VVC Virtual Value Chain
VVC Voltage-Var Control
VVC Victims of Violent Crime
VVC Verification, Validation and Certification

What engine is in the MGF?

Engine 1.6 L K-Series I4 1.8 L K-Series I4 1.8 L K-Series VVC I4
Transmission 5-Speed (Manual)
Wheelbase 2,388 mm (94 in)

When was the last MGF made?

The final product, the MG F, was finally unveiled on 8 March 1995, and went on sale in September that year with a 1.8 litre 120 bhp engine, and was joined several months later by a 145 bhp VVC (variable valve control) version.

What is wrong with MGF?

The MGF is known for having problems with the electric window motor. The teeth on the motors are prone to becoming stripped, causing problems with moving the glass up or down. It seems to mainly affect moving the window up.


The MG F and MG TF are mid-engined, rear wheel drive roadster cars that were sold under the MG marque by three manufacturers between 1995 and 2011. The BMW owned Rover Group manufactured the model from 1995 to 2000.

Are MGF going up in value?

Values are already on the rise for the MGF. While it’s still possible to buy one for around £500, you’re likely buying into much more work than you would have five years ago.

Which is the best Mgtf to buy?

Best buys for those on a budget are the standard 1.8-litre models. In all seriousness they’re no more expensive to run than the 1.6, more common and easier to find service parts for. The VVC equipped cars are a lot of fun, and real performance bargains too.

What is VVC pattern?

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