What does the aroma button do on a Krups coffee maker?

What does the aroma button do on a Krups coffee maker?

The Krups Aroma Control is a design feature of the Krups coffee machines which essentially means the best of the coffee stays locked within the process until such time as you want to dispense coffee for drinking purposes.

What is Aroma setting on coffee maker?

One great addition that other coffee makers don’t have is the aroma button, which will brew your pot of coffee in a unique way that enhances and increases the flavor of your coffee. Pushing the aroma button will activate the different brewing process, and your entire home will smell like sweet coffee in no time.

How do you troubleshoot a Krups coffee maker?

If there’s been a recent power outage or power surge, you may have to unplug the coffee maker and plug it back in to reset it. Be sure to reprogram the clock if you reset your appliance so that the scheduled brew time will work. The automatic stop feature can also be the reason for a Krups coffee maker not brewing.

How do I start Krups ProAroma?

Make sure the carafe is back on the warming plate. Press the on/off button to begin brewing the coffee. A light will appear to indicate the ProAroma has begun the brewing cycle. After the brewing cycle is complete, take the carafe off the warming plate and pour the coffee.

How do you turn on a Krups coffee maker?

How to Program a Krups Coffee Machine

  1. Set the clock by pressing the “O/I” button to switch the machine off.
  2. Program the Krups coffee maker auto on feature by pressing the “prog” button until the display reads “8888,” then press the “prog” button again.

How do you reset a Krups coffee maker?

To reset your Krups coffee machine, press and hold the long espresso button, turn it off and then turn it on again without releasing it. Easy, isn’t it?

How do you make Smeg coffee hotter?

How do I change the coffee temperature?

  1. Ensure that the machine is ready for use, then press and hold the steam button for 10 seconds until the three buttons start flashing: the machine is now in settings mode.
  2. Press the single expresso button to select the coffee temperature.
  3. The lights will start flashing in sequence.

What does the red light on a Smeg coffee maker mean?

There is a setting for soft water or hard water. If you have soft water it won’t require cleaning as frequently as hard water users. Based on your setting the coffee maker alerts you its time to descale. A red flashing light will appear and will not brew unless you push the outside buttons simultaneously.