What does Shipoopi mean?

What does Shipoopi mean?

“Shipoopi” is a song in the 1957 musical The Music Man by Meredith Willson. The chorus implies that it means a “girl who’s hard to get”, and the first stanza says a woman who waits until the third date to kiss is “your shipoopi”.

What movie is the song Shipoopi from?

The Music Man

Who is Marcellus in Music Man?


Character Original Broadway Cast 1957 Broadway Revival 2000
Marcellus Washburn Iggie Wolfington Max Casella
Mayor Shinn David Burns Paul Benedict
Eulalie Shinn Helen Raymond Ruth Williamson
Mrs. Paroo Pert Kelton Katherine McGrath

How many songs are in The Music Man?

The film has 17 of some 40 songs in all that Meredith Willson wrote for the musical.

Who sang shipoopi?

Buddy Hackett

How old was Robert Preston in The Music Man?

68 years (1918–1987)
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Was Shirley Jones pregnant during the music Man?

Shirley Jones was pregnant while the film was in production. When she and Robert Preston embraced during the footbridge scene, the baby—who would be born on January 4 and would be named Patrick Cassidy—kicked Preston. The costume designers had to adjust her dresses several times to conceal her pregnancy.

Is River City Iowa a real place?

Meredith Willson’s River City is actually Mason City in north-central Iowa. Lots of streams run through it, including the Winnebago River, with Willow Creek meandering behind the music man’s boyhood home. The city, population 28,079, dates back to 1853 and was incorporated in 1870.

Was Shirley Jones pregnant during the filming of The Music Man?

Did the music man win any awards?

Laurel Awards for Best Musical Performance, Male
Academy Award for Best Music (Original Score)Writers Guild of America Award for Best Written Musical
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What year was the movie The Music Man made?

June 19, 1962 (USA)
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Was Shirley Jones pregnant during The Music Man?

What is the meaning of the song Shipoopi?

” Shipoopi ” is the title of a song from The Music Man, a Broadway musical written by Meredith Willson . “Shipoopi” is also a portmanteau of the words “shit” and “poopie”; which is perhaps why children enjoy performing the “Shipoopi” song in Willson’s musical.

Who is Shipoopi in the Music Man by Meredith Willson?

” Shipoopi ” is a song in the 1957 musical The Music Man by Meredith Willson. The song is sung by the character of Marcellus Washburn, a friend of con man “Professor” Harold Hill. It occurs in act 2 of the play during the dance committee’s rehearsal which the town kids interrupt. The dialogue surrounding the song does not explain…

Who is Shipoopi in Family Guy Patriot Games?

In “Patriot Games”, the 20th episode of the fourth season of the animated TV series Family Guy, Peter Griffin leads the crowd in a full rendition of “Shipoopi” after he scores a touchdown as a member of the New England Patriots football team.