What does Equinix Inc do?

What does Equinix Inc do?

Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company. We interconnect industry-leading organizations in finance, manufacturing, mobility, transportation, government, healthcare and education across a cloud-first world.

Who is using Equinix?

Equinix calls it its ecosystem. Among its clients areAmazon ( AMZN ),Apple ( AAPL ),AT ( T ),Facebook ( FB ) andNokia (NOK). “The reason customers go with Equinix is because within Equinix’s data centers, there are lots of carriers and network providers.

What is network edge Equinix?

Network Edge is a network functions virtualization infrastructure (NFV) platform optimized for the instant deployment and interconnection of network services. To order a virtual device, create a new company account through our Equinix Fabric™ portal.

Is Equinix a good company?

“Equinix is one of the most secure companies I have ever worked for and can say it is like a family environment. The company takes care of the employee and provide the best benefits package I’ve ever had. The days can be long and the work does not stop but it also allows you the opportunity for overtime if needed.

Does Equinix own real estate?

In 2015, Equinix converted to a real estate investment trust (REIT) to gain tax advantages and add shareholder value. That same year, it acquired the professional services company Nimbo.

Who owns Equinex?


Type Public
Founded 1998
Headquarters Redwood City, California , United States
Key people Jay Adelson (Founder) Al Avery (Founder) Charles J. Meyers (CEO and President)
Products Data centers

Where is the largest data center in the US?

Located in Chicago, spanning a total of 1.1 million square feet the Lakeside Technology Center shares the top spot on the list for the largest data centers in the United States.

What is network edge locations?

The edge distribution network consists of edge devices such as computers, WiFi access points, and desktop and wiring closet switches, also known as hosts or end systems, that are connected at the edge of the network. While the core of the network is often in the data centers, the edge resides in the wiring closets.

What is the edge of a network?

The network edge refers to the area where a device or local network interfaces with the internet. The edge is close to the devices it is communicating with and is the entry point to the network.

How many employees does Equinix have?

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