What does cytoplasmic streaming look like in the Elodea leaf?

What does cytoplasmic streaming look like in the Elodea leaf?

The cell cytoplasm of Elodea leaves is limited to a thin granular layer, containing many lens- shaped cl~loroplasts, surrounding a large central vacuole. Cytoplasmic streaming is seen in most cells as a cyclic movement around the cell walls.

Why is cytoplasmic streaming important in Elodea?

Cytoplasmic streaming is the flowing movement of cytoplasm, internal and external to the plant cell, in a rapid orderly fashion. This helps maximize photosynthesis and subsequent cell growth. The objective of this experiment was to observe cytoplasmic streaming in the aquatic plant Elodea by low power microscopy.

What is cytoplasmic streaming in plant cells?

Abstract. Cytoplasmic streaming is characterized by the rapid movement of organelles and other cellular components throughout the cell. In plants, the process depends on actin filaments and myosin motor proteins and plays an important role in cell growth.

Why is cytoplasmic streaming advantageous to a plant cell?

Though the process as a whole isn’t fully understood, cytoplasmic streaming is what allows nutrients and proteins to move about inside a cell. In certain single-celled organisms, it also gives the cell the ability to move.

What is an example of cytoplasmic streaming?

While mouse oocytes do have centrioles, they play no role in nucleus positioning, yet, the nucleus of the oocyte maintains a central position. This is a result of cytoplasmic streaming. Microfilaments, independent of microtubules and myosin 2, form a mesh network throughout the cell.

What is the importance of cytoplasmic streaming?

The motion transports nutrients, proteins, and organelles within cells. First discovered in the 1830s, the presence of cytoplasmic streaming helped convince biologists that cells were the fundamental units of life.

What happens during Plasmolysis in protoplasmic streaming?

Plasmolysis is the shrinking of the cytoplasm of a plant cell in response to diffusion of water out of the cell and into a high salt concentration solution. During plasmolysis, the cell membrane pulls away from the cell wall. This does not happen in low salt concentration because of the rigid cell wall.

Why do some cells have cytoplasmic streaming?

Cytoplasmic streaming occurs due to the motion of organelles attached to actin filaments via myosin motor proteins. With basic, realistic assumptions about the actin filament, Woodhouse demonstrated that the formation of two sets of actin filament orientations in a cylindrical cell is likely.

Why is cytoplasmic streaming important?

Cytoplasmic streaming plays an important role in cell processes since it promotes solute exchange between the cytoplasm and organelles and enables lateral transport for extensive distances.

What is the purpose of cytoplasmic streaming?

Cytoplasmic streaming, also called protoplasmic streaming, the movement of the fluid substance (cytoplasm) within a plant or animal cell. The motion transports nutrients, proteins, and organelles within cells.

What are the clear areas in Elodea cells?

The clear part of the cell is occupied by a vacuole filled with a watery fluid containg dissolved salts, small organic molecules and small proteins. Vacuoles often also contain water-soluble pigments and waste products.