What does Cochina meaning?

What does Cochina meaning?

cochina an adult female hog.

Where is Cochina from?

Coquina is a rare form of limestone composed of the shell fragments of ancient mollusks and other marine invertebrates, which, over time, are glued together by dissolved calcium carbonate in the shells. Coquina is also the name of a common tiny clam found everywhere on Florida beaches.

What does brutal mean in Spanish slang?

1. (= savage) [person, murder, attack] brutal. [tone, remark] cruel. the government’s brutal treatment of political prisoners la brutalidad or la crueldad con la que el gobierno trata a los prisioneros políticos.

What does Coquina mean in Spanish?

Borrowed from Spanish coquina (“cockle”), from Latin concha (“bivalve, mollusk; mussel”), from Ancient Greek κόγχη (kónkhē, “mussel; shell”).

What is bom bom in Spanish?

More meanings for bombón. chocolate noun. chocolate, chocolatina. dish noun. plato, antena, platillo, fuente, reflector.

What does brutal mean in Puerto Rico?

beyond awesome
Sounds and look like “brutal”, which in English is normally a bad thing. In Puerto Rico, it means that something is beyond awesome.

What is a Pata Sucia?

Pata sucia Pronunciation: pah-TAH sue-SEE-ah. Definition: Translates to “dirty foot” and refers to someone who removes their shoes in public. How it’s used in a sentence: “My feet hurt so much, I’m gonna barefoot it back to the car. Ay, Luli, you’re such a pata sucia.”

What makes coquina unique?

Coquina contains very little silt or clay-size particles, and its fossil fragments are lightly cemented together. This makes it an extremely porous rock that can serve as an aquifer for community and private water supplies. It can also serve as a reservoir for oil and natural gas.

Is coquina a Spanish word?

What is the meaning of Comisario Bombon?

it is a beauty, commissioner.

What does Cochino mean in English?

Translate “cochino” to English: dirty, vile. Spanish Synonyms of “cochino”: canallesco, perverso, bajo, bajuno, desgraciado, deshonroso, malicioso, sucio, vil. Define meaning of “cochino”: Propio la canalla, de gente o personas viles y miserables, de conducta infame.

What does La Cocina mean in English?

La Cocina (pronounced la co-see-nah, meaning “The Kitchen” in Spanish) was inspired by its current home, San Francisco’s Mission District . This ethnically diverse and economically vulnerable…

What does cocino mean?

Cochino (coe-chee-noe, N.A. “cochini”, SPAN “cochino”, virtually meaning “pig”): A young guy with questionable motivations concerning women, often of a lewd, erotic nature. Usually having a voracious sexual appetite and vulnerable to constantly making advances on girls. by TeodoroReport definition.