What does an EB Games Edge card do?

What does an EB Games Edge card do?

As an EDGE member, you’ll earn points on every purchase, every pre-order and every time you trade your old games at your local EB Games store. Just build your total points to get to the next level and with each level you will unlock great new benefits for free!

What does a Level 3 EB Games card do?

As an incentive at Level 3, customers receive a $10 trade credit and a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” deal, which basically covers the cost of the magazine subscription. As with all games, as the customer progresses, the rewards increase.

How do I use my EB Games Edge card online?

This can be done by signing into your EDGE online account. To redeem Edge stored value on gamestop.ca, enter the card number and PIN on the payment page during the checkout process. At this time, Edge Cards may not be used towards the purchase of a digitally distributed game.

How do I redeem my EB Games card?

Enter the card or account number and PIN on the payment page during the checkout process. To use your Gift Card online, it must have a scratch-off PIN. This PIN is located on the back of eligible Gift Cards.

What is an edge card?

The Edge Card is a community discount program available at over 30 Edgewater businesses. Think of it as a reward for supporting your favorite local spots, and an incentive to try out something new! Present your Edge Card for a 10% discount or special offer at any participating establishment.

How do you get Level 5 EB Games?

As of September this year, 9,999 people will move up to level 5, which is quite a significant jump over the 1,000 or so people that had been Level 5 prior to this year. All you have to do is be in the top 9,999 carrot earners as of September 1st, 2021.

What is the highest EB Games level?

Level 5
today you’ve become of the elite members chosen for the ultimate level of EB World: Level 5. It’s because of legendary gamers and pop culture enthusiasts like you that EB World has become the prosperous kingdom it is today.

Is it possible to use EB Games gift card online?

This card can be used to purchase merchandise only in the U.S. GameStop stores listed below or at either GameStop.com or EBgames.com. Except where required by law, it may not be returned, redeemed for cash, or applied as payment on any account, and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

Are edge Cards refundable?

Any value remaining will be refunded to the credit card on file. Usage rates are the same for all Edge Cards. Refunds will be calculated per a standard formula. The refund amount will equal the days unused on the Edge Card divided by the total days on the Edge Card, multiplied by the purchase price.

Can you add days to edge card?

ADD MORE DAYS TO YOUR EDGE CARD Once your included EDGE Card days are used, you can always add more! Save up to 15% off the window ticket rate.