What does Alex Janvier do?

What does Alex Janvier do?

CM, AOE, RCA, LLD Alex Janvier is a world-renowned Indigenous Artist. His vibrant colours and distinctive lines tell you stories about his unique culture and life experiences. Alex loves painting murals and has international exhibitions.

What school did Alex Janvier go to?

Alberta University of the Arts
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Alex Janvier received formal art training from the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art in Calgary (now the Alberta University of the Arts) and graduated with honours in 1960. He was one of the first Canadian First Nations artists to train in a professional art school.

Is Alex Janvier married?

After returning to Alberta, Alex met and married his wife, Jacqueline. In 1971 he decided to become a full time artist and, with Jacqueline’s support and partnership, started Janvier Murals and Fine Arts.

What media does Alex Janvier use?

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Why is Alex Janvier famous?

Alex Simeon Janvier, CM, painter (born 28 Feb 1935 in Le Goff Reserve, Cold Lake First Nations, near Bonnyville, AB). Recipient of the Governor General’s Award and a Member of the Order of Canada, Alex Janvier is often referred to as the first Aboriginal modernist artist in Canada.

What tribe is Alex Janvier from?

Alex Janvier was born in 1935 on the Le Goff Reserve, in northern Alberta. Of Dene and Anishnaabe (Saulteaux) descent, he is the son of the last customary Chief of Cold Lake First Nations. Janvier grew up with nine siblings, speaking Dene, absorbing the teachings of the Elders, while being immersed in nature.

Where did Alex Janvier live?

How much is an Alex Janvier painting?

Alex Janvier’s 1981 acrylic on linen painting titled Wandering Child sold by Lando Auctions on Sunday for $35,400, about three times more than expected. The painting was estimated to sell for between $6,000 and $8,000.

What kind of artist is Alex Janvier?

Where is Alex Janvier from?

Alberta, Canada
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What was the main goal of the Indigenous Group of Seven?

Their goal was effectively to change Canadian taste and values through the distribution of paintings, publications of articles, and encouragement of collectors of Canadian art. The Group of Seven defined a communality of spirit and argued for the appreciation and affirmation of Canadian creativity in all its forms.

Why did the indigenous Group of Seven disband?

The informal group was temporarily split up during World War I, during which Jackson and Varley became official war artists. Jackson enlisted in June 1915 and served in France from November 1915 to 1917, at which point he was seriously injured.