What do Hoosiers chant?

What do Hoosiers chant?

The song has since been played at every Indiana football and basketball game. Indiana’s popular fight song melody is “Indiana Fight!”, though the words are rarely sung at an Indiana sporting event. The crowd usually just sings “GO! IU!

What is Indiana University’s motto?

Indiana University Bloomington

Latin: Indianensis Universitatis
Motto Lux et Veritas
Motto in English Light and Truth
Type Public flagship research university
Established January 20, 1820

How did the we are PENN STATE chant start?

The team’s captain said “We are Penn State,” and the team unanimously agreed. The game was canceled, and a Penn State tradition was born. Over time, the chant caught on like wildfire, and has becoming the slogan for the entire university.

What’s the chant for the Razorback football team?

Razorback faithful use it as a term of endearment and love chanting it in one of the nation’s most iconic cheers. This might sound like one of the strangest from the outside, but Razorback faithful can’t get enough as the cheer lives on.

Who are the cheerleaders at Indiana University basketball game?

Cheerleaders race from out of the tunnel and onto the court waving 18 flags, the majority used to spell out Indiana Hoosiers. As the song comes to a close, the band transitions into “Indiana, Our Indiana”, which ends just in time for the buzzer to sound as the crowd yells “I-U” in unison.

What’s the best sports chant in the world?

A group of athletes agreed on Rock Chalk and taught the fabled chant to his majesty. Also used a campus goodbye — one will say “Rock chalk” with the response being “Jayhawk” — this chant is a ton of fun, and only can be found in the heart of Kansas. 10. “Rocky Top”