What counts as a skill for Duke of Edinburgh?

What counts as a skill for Duke of Edinburgh?

The chosen skill can be something new or the continued development of a previous skill. It is our goal to continually update this list of examples….Examples and ideas:

Music Arts and Crafts
Presentation skills Games
Public speaking Billiards, snooker, or pool
Debating Card games

What skills should I do for DofE?


  • Cookery.
  • Photography and videography.
  • Creative writing.
  • Music.
  • Arts and crafts.

What do I write in my CV for DofE?

– Work experience – where possible, make each one relevant to the role you’re applying for, listing your achievements and responsibilities. – Qualifications – as well as your academic qualifications, remember to include your DofE Award. – Interests – make sure you include your volunteering work here.

How many hours of volunteering do you need for silver DofE?

Length of time of DofE expeditions

Level Duration Minimum hours of planned activity each day
SILVER 3 days and 2 nights At least 7 hours during the daytime (at least 3½ of which must be spent journeying)
GOLD 4 days and 3 nights At least 8 hours during the daytime (at least 4 of which must be spent journeying)

Is sailing a skill for DofE?

Sailing requires physical exertion and is thus placed in the Physical section. Like many Skills section activities there may be a physical activity/element, for example brick laying or a car mechanic course, however these, like learning to drive, powerboating and go-karting are Skills section activities.

How many hours a week is DofE?

The Award is more like a marathon than a sprint. You should spend an average of 1 hour per week on your activities. However, we understand that you may be busy some weeks.

Should I put Duke of Edinburgh on CV?

DofE is not just a fun way to experience the outdoors, strengthen friendships and improve your fitness: if included wisely, it can be an excellent addition to your UCAS Personal Statement, CV, and even future interviews for jobs, colleges and universities.

How good does DofE look on a CV?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Award is about having a go. You take part in a variety of activities, but they are not exams and you can’t fail. A DofE Award also looks good on your CV and can be useful when applying for educational courses and jobs.

Can you learn a language for DofE?

Did you know that you can study a language as part of your Duke of Edinburgh Award? You’re not allowed to count the study you are doing at school, but if you are having additional language lessons, or studying a new language outside school, it can count!

What are the skills of the Duke of Edinburgh?

Church bell ringing • Composing • DJing • Evaluating music & musical performances • Improvising melodies • Listening to, analysing & describing music • Music appreciation • Playing a musical instrument • Playing in a band • Reading & notating music • Understanding music in relation to history & culture

Are there any Duke of Edinburgh online courses?

All U:Bee Online Courses meet the high standards of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The weekly commitment, interesting content, and opportunities to learn about your subject. will help you enjoy and complete your SKILLS SECTION.

Which is the broadest section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award?

In some ways, this is the broadest section of the Award as it offers so many choices based on individual interests and passions, whether artistic, creative, musical, academic, technical, cultural or some other area.

What do you do in the skills section of DofE?

The Skills section of DofE. The Skills section is about discovering what you’re really good at. Maybe you want to get better at something you already do, like playing a musical instrument, or learn something for the very first time, like how to design a website?