What are lodes and veins?

What are lodes and veins?

In the metamorphic rocks and igneous rocks minerals are found in cracks, joints. The small cracks are called veins and large cracks are called lodes. Veins form when mineral constituents carried by an aqueous solution within the rock mass are deposited through precipitation.

What are the main differences between arteries veins and capillaries?

It is returned to the heart in the veins. The capillaries connect the two types of blood vessel and molecules are exchanged between the blood and the cells across their walls….Structure and function of blood vessels.

Arteries Veins
Always carry blood away from the heart Always carry blood to the heart

How lodes are formed?

Lodes form through a process called mineralization – when gold is dissolved in hydrothermal fluids (ultra-hot, acidic ground water) that subsequently flow into the fissures/layers of pre-existing rocks where the gold re-solidifies to form a deposit. Native gold nuggets are an example of lode deposits.

Where do the veins in the neck come from?

It receives the superior laryngeal and cricothyroid veins. The Middle Thyroid Vein (Figs. 561, 562) collects the blood from the lower part of the thyroid gland, and after being joined by some veins from the larynx and trachea, ends in the lower part of the internal jugular vein. The common facial and occipital veins have been described.

Where are the lymph nodes located in the neck?

Cervical lymph node group. Posterior lymph nodes are located along the back of the neck. Deep cervical lymph nodes are associated with their positions adjacent to the internal jugular vein, which runs near the sides of the neck. They are known as the lateral jugular, anterior jugular, and jugulo-digastric lymph nodes.

Where do the jugular veins join the parotid veins?

—This vein receives the occipital occasionally, the posterior external jugular, and, near its termination, the transverse cervical, transverse scapular, and anterior jugular veins; in the substance of the parotid, a large branch of communication from the internal jugular joins it.

How big is the jugular vein in the neck?

The external jugular vein varies in size, bearing an inverse proportion to the other veins of the neck, it is occasionally double. It is provided with two pairs of valves, the lower pair being placed at its entrance into the subclavian vein, the upper in most cases about 4 cm. above the clavicle.