What are K-Tel albums worth?

What are K-Tel albums worth?

K-TEL Vinyl Records and CDs

Artist Title Price
K-tel Goofy Greats $3
K-tel Out Of Sight $7
K-tel Superhits Of The Superstars $12
K-tel / 20 All Time Greats Of The 50’s 20 All Time Greats Of The 50’s $6

Is K Tell still in business?

K-tel is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and has been in business since the late 1960s….K-tel.

Type Private
Founder Philip Kives
Headquarters Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada
Products Television advertising, music
Owner Philip Kives

Can you still buy audio CDs?

The short answer to the question that so many music fans have asked ā€“ ‘do people still buy CDs? ‘ ā€“ is absolutely ‘yes. ‘ But despite tens of millions of CD sales worldwide, evidence indicates that far fewer consumers are purchasing CDs amid the pandemic.

What ever happened to Ktel?

K-Tel is also a world-renowned record label. Kives created the compilation album in Canada, putting as many hits as he could ā€” all on one record. Kives died in 2016, but his family continues to operate K-Tel, and it continues to thrive.

What does K-Tel stand for?

Kives died last week in Canada at age 87. His company, famous as much for the style of ads that for years filled the airwaves as for the eclectic products they pitched, was K-Tel. The “K” stands for Kives. The “Tel” is television.

What is a K-Tel record?

The K-tel music compilations were a quick, cheap way to boost your music collection or hear your favorite pop hits on demand. A record could go for $3.99. The commercials were catchy and brilliant. How could you resist spending your cash with ads like this.

Who started K-Tel?

Philip Kives

Who made K-Tel records?

Phil Kives
Anyone who grew up from the late ’60s through to the early ’80s will be familiar with K-tel Records, the Winnipeg-based label founded by Phil Kives, a travelling salesman from Oungre, Sask., (current population: 15).