Should I use Zymox with or without Hydrocortisone?

Should I use Zymox with or without Hydrocortisone?

According to, if the ear has any open wounds or sores owners should use Zymox otic without Hydrocortisone until the wounds have healed. If the ear infection does not get better, a veterinarian should be consulted at once, since dog owners may be dealing with inner ear infections which can be serious.

Does Zymox help ear infection?

Zymox may be used for either dogs or cats and treats both acute and chronic ear infections. It is not an antibiotic; rather, Zymox uses an antimicrobial enzyme system that contains a combination of thee enzymes that are naturally found in milk: lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, and lactoferrin.

What is the best medicine for ear mites in dogs?

A single dose of NexGard or NexGard SPECTRA is highly effective at treating ear mites in puppies and dogs. If the ear irritation persists, or a secondary ear infection requiring additional treatment is present, it’s best to consult with your vet.

Can Zymox cause hearing loss?

No, Zymox cannot cause deafness. If you think your pet’s hearing is being affected, contact your vet immediately.

How does zymox ear solution with hydrocortisone work?

The Zymox ear solution is an antibiotic alternative containing three enzymes designed to work together to create an antimicrobial reaction. Zymox with hydrocortisone can possibly work double-duty when used as directed, helping reduce inflammation while aiding in treating the infection.

Can you use zymox on punctured ear drums?

ZYMOX Otic Advanced Enzymatic ear solution is also available without Hydrocortisone (identified by a yellow product label) for antibiotic-sensitive animals, rodents, sensitive exotics, pets sensitive to Hydrocortisone and pets that are pregnant or lactating. Do not use on punctured ear drums.

Which is the best zymox product for dogs?

The ZYMOX family of pet products includes: Soothing solutions to relieve your pet’s ear and skin issues. ZYMOX Advanced Formula Otic Plus cat and dog ear cleaner provides relief from persistent, recurring ear irritation or infection. Combined with veterinarian-strength 1% Hydrocortisone, Otic Plus helps calm itchy ears.

How is zymox used to treat otitis externa?

Zymox is for the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa due to bacterial viral and yeast infections. Factors that predispose the ear to otitis externa: Excessive skin folds in ear Floppy ear carriage Stenosis Excessive hair Excessive cerumen production Suppressed immune system Systemic antibiotics