Is Valtra a real brand of tractor?

Is Valtra a real brand of tractor?

OUR HISTORY. Valtra has manufactured tractors since 1951, but the company’s roots date back to the 19th century. Today’s Valtra tractors represent the culmination of two traditions: Finland’s Valmet and Sweden’s Volvo BM, itself an offshoot from the Eskilstuna Mekaniska Werkstad founded by Theofron Munktell in 1832.

How good are Valtra tractors?

Valtra tractors have a good reputation for mechanical toughness, with many older second-hand machines showing big hours and yet still commanding strong money. In Ireland, despite having a smaller market share than many competitors, they have a good market presence in certain areas.

What engines do Valtra tractors use?

Renowned for their durability, efficiency and extremely strong torque, AGCO Power engines have been the power source of Valtra tractors for over sixty years. Advanced engine features ensure that Valtra tractors are reliable and comply with the latest emission standards without any increase in operating costs.

How good are Fendt tractors?

Fendts are really good tractors. We run two 828 on triples, a 926 and a 718 with a loader. When you get one with a loader make sure you get at least 6 remotes in the back since the loader will use two of them. Make sure it has an air ride cab and the active seat.

What horsepower is a Valtra 6550?

Valmet 6550

Valmet 6550 Power
Engine: 98.6 hp 73.5 kW

What Colour are Valtra tractors?

The colour preferred for the tractors Valtra has been, of always, the red Valtra, that applies to almost 40% of the total production. Between the options of colours more recent, the black and the grey have won a greater acceptance.

Where are Valtra engines made?

The Valtra factory in Brazil is located in Mogi das Cruzes in the state of São Paulo. The factory complex comprises the assembly and transmission plants and a component centre which also assemble the AGCO Power engines used in Valtra tractors.

What is the largest tractor company in the world?

Mahindra won the Deming Prize and Japan Quality Medal. Along with this, Mahindra is the largest tractor manufacturer in the world.

How many Valtra 6550 Hi 4WD tractors are there?

Valtra currently produces 63 other 4wd tractors, which range from 55kW up to 294kW – the most visited on LECTURA Specs are T 174, A 93 HiTech, T 234. Throughout the production cycle of this 6550 HI 4wd tractor, there have been around 63 models that average a price of €29900 for an age of 13 years Want more detailed specifications?

What makes a Valtra tractor a working machine?

WORKING MACHINE MADE FOR YOU. Valtra tractors combine versatile features and innovative technology into outstanding comfort. As a Valtra owner you benefit from a reliable, high-quality tractor that has been tailored to meet the needs of your farm or contracting business. Each Valtra is individually built according to the customer’s wishes.

What are the specs of a Valtra 4WD?

For more detailed information about pricing and current residual values, check out the LECTURA Valuation system. Valtra currently produces 63 other 4wd tractors, which range from 55kW up to 294kW – the most visited on LECTURA Specs are T 174, A 93 HiTech, T 234.

What kind of reverse drive does a Valtra tractor have?

Valtra is the only manufacturer to offer reverse drive as a factory-fitted option on tractors from 105hp up to 405hp! Each Valtra tractor is custom built to meet the specific needs of their owners. The TwinTrac reverse drive system is one of many unique features that help increase productivity. Why TwinTrac?