Is there lactose free sustagen?

Is there lactose free sustagen?

SUSTAGEN® Optimum™ is a balanced oral supplement that contains probiotics, antioxidant vitamins C and E, and high quality protein providing 1.0 kcal/mL per suggested serving. It is also low in lactose.

Can sustagen be used as a meal replacement?

SUSTAGEN® Hospital Formula is a formulated meal replacement which can only be of assistance where dietary intake is inadequate and must not be used as a total diet replacement.

Is sustagen low GI?

SUSTAGEN® Diabetic is a lower carbohydrate* oral supplement specifically formulated for people with diabetes. It is high in fibre and has a low GI , and provides 1.0kcal/mL.

Is sustagen really good for you?

SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula is specially designed to provide essential nutrients for an active lifestyle, including high quality protein to support healthy muscles and bones. Banana or Strawberry flavoured SUSTAGEN is a perfect healthy drink for breakfast.

Is sustagen high in iron?

SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula contains iron. 1 serve of SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula made up with water as instructed provides 3.6 mg of iron. This represents 30% of the recommended dietary intake (RDI).

Who should use sustagen?

SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula and SUSTAGEN Optimum™ are suitable for children aged 4 years and above. SUSTAGEN Everyday and SUSTAGEN Ready To Drink are suitable for children aged 4 years and above. SUSTAGEN Sport is not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women.

Is sustagen OK for Diabetes?

Features of SUSTAGEN Diabetic: Nutritional supplement, suitable for people with diabetes. Can be used supplementary to dietary intake, or as a sole source of nutrition when prescribed by your healthcare professional.

Why is sustagen healthy?

SUSTAGEN Hospital Plus Fibre is a high protein, balanced oral supplement containing soluble fibre for digestive health as well as carbohydrate for energy. A source of zinc, vitamin B6, B12 and D which helps support immune function Learn more about SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula Plus Fibre here.

Which is the best Sustagen protein supplement to take?

Sustagen Sport: Ideal for those with an active lifestyle, Sustagen Sport has the highest protein intake out of Sustagen’s range, with just under 15g per 60g serving. With under 1g of fat per serve, Sustagen Sport also includes over 30g of sugar, meaning you’ll have to watch your intake, otherwise you might end up going the wrong direction!

Are there any Sustagen products that are high in lactose?

Yes, all SUSTAGEN® products have lactose in differing quantities. SUSTAGEN® Hospital Formula, SUSTAGEN® Sport, SUSTAGEN® ready-to-drink and SUSTAGEN® Everyday are high in lactose as they are based on skim milk powder. SUSTAGEN® OPTIMUM™ and SUSTAGEN® Diabetic are very low in lactose when made up with water (0.28g per serve).

What kind of Sustagen formula is gluten free?

The following products have been tested and are labelled gluten free: 1 – SUSTAGEN® Hospital Formula 2 – SUSTAGEN® Hospital Formula plus Fibre 3 – SUSTAGEN® Everyday 4 – SUSTAGEN® Ready to Drink 5 – SUSTAGEN® Sport

When do you need Sustagen for living well?

The SUSTAGEN Overall Wellbeing range was designed to provide complete, balanced nutrition at times when dietary intake is inadequate, such as during or recovery from illness or when appetite is poor. Living well includes having the energy to do the things you love and SUSTAGEN is here to help.