Is Silvia Colloca a man?

Is Silvia Colloca a man?

Silvia Rosa Colloca (born 23 July 1977) is an Italian-Australian actress, opera singer, cookbook author, and TV cookery show personality. She has published four cookbooks.

How old is Silvia?

44 years (July 23, 1977)
Silvia Colloca/Age

Who is Silvia Colloca married too?

Richard Roxburghm. 2004
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What part of Italy is Silvia Colloca from?

So it’s hard not to feel a little jealous of Silvia Colloca. The Italian-born cookbook author, actor and trained opera singer grew up near Milan but spent summer holidays at her mother’s family home in the rural region of Abruzzo in central Italy (technically considered part of southern Italy).

Does Silvia Colloca live in Australia?

Silvia smiles when describing Roxburgh and their life together. Silvia with her son Miro 10. They married in 2004, moved to Australia in 2009 and have three children, Raffi 14, Miro 10 and Luna 3.

How do you make focaccia with Silvia Colloca?


  1. Mix together, flour, yeast and most of the water and mix with a chopstick. Don’t add all the water at once as you may not need it all, it will depend on your flour.
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Where is sylvias table filmed?

The series was shot “on location” at a hired home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, however it is not far from the real-life cliff-top home Colloca shares with actor Richard Roxburgh in Newport, which they purchased over a year ago and features equally impressive, and expensive, seaside views.

Is there a rake series 6?

The show’s status has been officially set to ‘cancelled’, and there will be no season 6.

Is Rake coming back?

As per the records of ratings, Rake had a huge fan base and this made it climb up in terms of TRP and ratings. After season 5, there was hope for the next part too but unfortunately, this time it has been officially stated that there would be no further seasons and that means season 6 is canceled.

Who is Rake based on?

barrister Charles Waterstreet
Richard Roxburgh is well and truly over the idea that the colourful character he plays in the TV series Rake is based on controversial criminal barrister Charles Waterstreet​.

Who is rake based on?