Is Sergio Aguero related to Maradona?

Is Sergio Aguero related to Maradona?

Sergio Agüero married the daughter of the late-great Diego Maradona, and their son, born in 2009 and called Benjamín, also has a very special godfather: Leo Messi.

Who is Benjamin Aguero Godfather?

Benjamin Aguero – Father: Sergio Aguero. Grandfather: Diego Maradona. Godfather: Leo Messi. No pressure, kid!

When did Aguero join Man City?

Agüero signed for Premier League club Manchester City in 2011 in a transfer for a reported fee of £35 million.

Is Sergio Aguero going to Barcelona?

Sergio Aguero has said he never considered quitting Barcelona after Lionel Messi’s departure and insisted he would sign for the club again given the chance. Aguero, 33, joined Barca on a free transfer from Manchester City in June, signing an initial two-year deal at Camp Nou.

Who is Messi Godfather?

Guillermo Hoyos, Messi’s godfather.

Is Messi retired?

Lionel Messi announces his international retirement.

Who is the son of Maradona?

Diego Sinagra
Diego Fernando Maradona Ojeda
Diego Maradona/Sons

Diego Armando Maradona Jr, son of the late Argentine football legend, is urging Italians to submit DNA to help the Argentinian government trace hundreds of children who were stolen and their parents murdered by the military junta that controlled the country four decades ago.

How much did Man City pay for Gabriel Jesus?

On 3 August 2016, it was announced that Jesus would sign for Premier League club Manchester City in January 2017 on a contract until the summer of 2021. City paid a reported fee of £27 million/€33 million, plus add-ons.

Who is agueros girlfriend?

Sofía Calzetti (2019–)
Sergio Agüero/Partner

Is Messi Maradona’s son in law?

The two are almost inseparable when discussing the history of Argentine football and there will inevitably be comparisons between them. Diego Maradona (left) and Lionel Messi take part in a training session in Buenos Aires Aguero is Maradona’s son-in-law but does seem to …

Who is the father of Benjamin Aguero Maradona?

Benjamin Aguero Maradona is the darling son of Manchester City and Argentina National Team striker Sergio Aguero. He is an adorable kid and is likely to become great like his father Sergio, Grandfather Diego Maradona and Godfather Messi.

How are Sergio Aguero and Diego Maradona related?

Aguero is a fantastic striker and has been entertaining fans in the most-watched football competition – the English Premier League. He hails from Argentina, which is home to the football legend Maradona. His field antics that feature amazing scoring capabilities have earned him international recognition.

Who is the father of Sergio Aguero son?

When married to Maradona’s daughter, they had a son – Benjamin Aguero Maradona. It would suffice to say that Aguero’s son has been born into football royalty. He has a talented striker as his father, the legendary Maradona as his grandfather and Messi as the godfather.

How old is Sergio Aguero from Manchester City?

Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo ( Spanish pronunciation: [ˈseɾxjo le.oˈnel aˈɣweɾo]; born 2 June 1988), colloquially known as Kun Agüero, is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Manchester City and the Argentine national team . Agüero began his career at Independiente.