Is Rachel Shenton American?

Is Rachel Shenton American?

Rachel Joy Shenton (born 21 December 1987) is an English actress, screenwriter, and activist known for playing Mitzeee Minniver on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks (2010–2013), Lily Summers in ABC Family drama Switched at Birth (2014–2017), Joanne Scott in BBC2 comedy White Gold (2019) and Helen Alderson in All …

Where is Rachel Shenton from?

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
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How old is Rachel Shenton?

33 years (December 21, 1987)
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Who played Courtney in Waterloo Road?

Series Two

Courtney Walsh
Last appearance 2×12
Portrayed by Rachel Shenton
Occupation Student

Is Maisie sly deaf?

Maisie Sly, a profoundly deaf six-year-old from Swindon, has just played the lead role in an Oscar-winning film. The 20-minute short tells the story of a profoundly deaf girl born to hearing parents, who lives in silence until a support worker – played by Shenton – teaches her to sign.

Who is Mrs Hall’s friend in all creatures great and small?

Who is Dorothy? Mrs Hall’s close friend, from their time working together in the war. She drops in every now and then, and there might be chemistry between her and Siegfried Farnon…

When did Mitzee leave Hollyoaks?

Mitzeee arrived in July 2010 and departed on February 2013.

Who is the longest actor in Waterloo Road?

Waterloo Road cast: Philip Martin Brown – Grantly Budgen Philip Martin Brown played Grantly Budgen and was the show’s longest serving cast member. He was in the show from the very first episode until season 9, when his character died. Since Waterloo Road finished, Philip has continued acting.

Did Maisie sly win an Oscar?

We like to think we fit right in! But now we’ve spent the day with the actress in an Academy Award winning film! Maisie Sly, who’s six, is the star of The Silent Girl which won an Oscar for Best Live Action Short. Rachel Shenton wrote the screenplay for the film and also starred in it as the social worker.

How old is Maisie sly?

10 years (2011)
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What happened to the real Tristan Farnon?

He took his own life by an overdose of barbiturates two weeks after the death of his wife of fifty-three years, Audrey. Wallace Brian Vaughan Sinclair a.k.a. Tristan Farnon (27 September 1915 – 13 December 1988) – Donald’s younger brother, known as Brian.

What is Mrs Hall’s first name?

Named by the Adaptation: Unlike the original books or the classic series, Mrs Hall actually is given a first name in this adaptation: Audrey.