Is Oenpelli Road sealed?

Is Oenpelli Road sealed?

About 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) before Jabiru, the sealed road turns off to Ubirr, the Border Store, Cahill’s Crossing on the East Alligator River and Oenpelli. Oenpelli Airport is a sealed all weather airstrip located in Gunbalanya, and a number of companies offer charter flights to and from this airport.

Is Goulburn Island a dry community?

The Warruwi people are the traditional owners of the Goulburn Islands and the main language, Mawng, is spoken by about 750 people. Warruwi community is located on the southern tip of the south island and is a dry community (no alcohol).

Is Gunbalanya a dry community?

Across the Arnhem Land border is Gunbalanya (also known as “Oenpelli“, “Kunbarllanjnja” in Kunwinjku, and “Unbalanj” by the original Mengerrdji-speakers) and in Gunbalanya – officially a “dry” community – there is one bar: the Gunbalanya Sports & Social Club.

How many people live in Gunbalanya?

Also known as Oenpelli, Gunbalanya is a large remote town situated about 60km north east of Jabiru, across the East Alligator River in Arnhem Land. Gunbalanya has a population of around 1,200 and the main language spoken is Kunwinjku.

Is it worth going to Arnhem Land?

Arnhem Land is a stunning destination all year round, but the dry season (May to October) is said to be the best time to visit! During this time, the weather is a little more temperate, humidity is a lot lower, and all areas of the park are open to visitors.

Is galiwinku a dry community?

Elcho Island is a Dry and Petrol Free Community.

Is Hermannsburg a dry community?

Alcohol Hermannsburg is a dry community. This applies to everyone, including visitors.

Where is galiwinku?

Elcho Island, also called Galiwinku or Galiwin’ku, island, Northern Territory, Australia, in the Arafura Sea. It is situated 2 miles (3 km) across Cadell Strait from the Napier Peninsula and is a part of Arnhem Land, a large region belonging to the Yolngu Aboriginal people.

Where is the East Alligator River?

Alligator Rivers The East Alligator rises in Arnhem Land and flows northwesterly for nearly 100 miles; the West Alligator (50 miles [80 km]) generally parallels the course of the South Alligator. The region includes Kakadu National Park.

When was Mount borradaile found?

We were soon at a rocky site, with round grinding holes on a flat rock and on our way to a cave that had been re-discovered in 2002 by Max Davidson and his companion, geologist James Robertson. The two men had climbed up, looking for obvious caves and rock art sites, and at one stage one went left and one went right.

Can I live in Arnhem Land?

You’ll need a permit to enter Arnhem Land – contact the Northern Land Council, or the Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation, for more information. Arnhem Land has a total population of approximately 16,000 people, of whom 12,000 are Aboriginal Yolngu people – the traditional owners of the land.

Which is the best school to go to in Oenpelli?

Telephone (08) 8979 0170 • Opening hours Monday to Friday 7.30am – 4.40pm School: The West Arnhem College, which consists of the Jabiru and Gunbalanya Schools, offers preschool, primary school and secondary education. Secondary school students must travel to Jabiru, study by correspondence or attend boarding school.

Who was the founder of Oenpelli cattle station?

Oenpelli, as it was known then, was established by the Rev. Alfred Dyer as a mission in 1925 by the Church of England ‘s Church Missionary Society, on the former cattle station.

Who is the remote area health corpsicommunity for Oenpelli?

Oenpelli 1 | Remote Area Health CorpsICommunity Profile: Gunbalanya (Oenpelli), Top End Region 2 | Remote Area Health CorpsICommunity Profile: Gunbalanya (Oenpelli), Top End Region Governance Local Government West Arnhem Shire Council Telephone (08) 8979 0170 Web Outstations Up to 13 outstations.