Is Mickey ferriols and Jackie Forster?

Is Mickey ferriols and Jackie Forster?

Mickey Ferriols and Jackie Forster Mickey grew up in the Philippines, while Jackie was raised in the U.S. They both entered showbiz in the mid-90s, but it was only in early 2000s when the two ladies admitted they are half-sisters and have the same dad.

How is Jackie Forster related to Mickey ferriols?

Jackie Forster sister Michell Forster, known better by her acting name Mickey Ferriols, is her half-sister.

Who is Mickey’s sister?

Jackie Forster
Mickey Ferriols/Sisters

Who is the sister of Jackie Foster?

Mickey Ferriols
Jackie Forster/Sisters

What does Jackie Forster’s husband do?

According to the celebrity mom, she found true love in her second husband, Michel Franken, who accepted her whole being. Michel is of Dutch descent and working in a multinational company. He and Jackie have three kids together — Jared, Caleigh, and Yohan.

How old is Mickey Ferriols?

48 years (March 8, 1973)
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Who is Benjie Paras son?

Kobe Paras
Andre ParasSam ParasRiley Paras
Benjie Paras/Sons

Who is the father of Jared Jackie Forster’s son?

Apart from Andre and Kobe, she now has Jared (center), her son from a previous relationship. Her kids with her husband Michael Franken (2nd to L) are Caleigh (L) and Yohan (R).

How old is Benjie Paras?

53 years (October 2, 1968)
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What happened to Mickey Ferriols and Archie Alemania?

MICKEY FERRIOLS – The actress spoke on her separation with her actor-comedian ex-boyfriend, Archie Alemania. However, after four years, Mickey and Archie confirmed their separation. The ex-couple said that it was a mutual decision and they managed to save their friendship despite the breakup.

Who is the wife of Archie Alemania?

Gee Canlasm. 2018
Archie Alemania/Wife

Is Benjie Paras half Filipino?

He is the only PBA player to win both Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player honors, in a single season (1989). As its star center, Paras led the Shell Turbo Chargers to championship titles….Benjie Paras.

Personal information
Nationality Filipino
Listed height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Listed weight 220 lb (100 kg)
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