Is LCSH a thesaurus?

Is LCSH a thesaurus?

The Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) comprise a thesaurus (in the information science sense, a controlled vocabulary) of subject headings, maintained by the United States Library of Congress, for use in bibliographic records.

Is LCSH a controlled vocabulary?

LCSH is a controlled vocabulary. A single word or phrase is chosen to represent each concept that is included, and synonyms are provided as see-references to that heading. It also indicates relationships between and among headings.

How many LCSH are there?

It is currently published in 5 large, red volumes. Work on creating LCSH list was started in 1898, with the first edition being published in 1909. The newest edition (27th) was published in June, 2004. It has over 270,000 usable headings, and over 490,000 headings that are used for cross referencing.

How do you use LCSH?

Look up that word or phrase in LCSH. If your term is not the correct heading, LCSH should provide a cross reference from your term to the subject heading. The notation “USE” tells us to search under the term Persian Gulf War, 1991 if we want information on the conflict in which the United States was directly involved.

What is the meaning of MARC 21?

A MARC 21 format is a set of codes and content designators defined for encoding machine-readable records. The MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data is an integrated format defined for the identification and description of different forms of bibliographic material.

What are controlled vocabulary terms?

A controlled vocabulary is an organized arrangement of words and phrases used to index content and/or to retrieve content through browsing or searching. It typically includes preferred and variant terms and has a defined scope or describes a specific domain.

How do I find my Lcsh?

Look on the Library of Congress Classification Outline website. Look at the Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data on the back of a book’s title page.

What is LCSH used for?

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) is a list of words and phrases ā€“ called headings ā€“ that are used to indicate the topics of library resources. It is used by most academic and research libraries in the United States, as well as by many public and school libraries.

How do I find my LCSH?

What is a controlled list?

A controlled list is a simple list of terms used to control terminology.

What does LCSH stand for in Library of Congress?

Watch on Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) is the list of headings produced from the subject authority file maintained by the United States Library of Congress for use in bibliographic records. It is popularly known by its abbreviation as LCSH and is sometimes used interchangeably with the phrase subject authority file.

Which is the strongest aspect of LCSH?

The strongest aspect of LCSH is that it represents subject headings of the Library of Congress, the national library of the United States, one of the richest of national libraries of the world. The administrative and managerial machinery of LC has made it possible for LCSH to stand out as an undisputed leader.

How often are subject headings added to LCSH?

Approximately 5,000 new headings, including headings with subdivisions, are added to LCSH each year. Proposals for new headings and revisions to existing ones are submitted by catalogers at the Library of Congress and by participants in the Subject Authority Cooperative Program (SACO).

Are there any free floating subdivisions in LCSH?

Free-floating Subdivisions Categories of Headings Included in the List LCSH Assigning and Constructing LCSH Twenty-Percent Rule LCSH Tools and Resources Examples of Some LCSH Headings You Never Know it Existed LCSH 40 should be used with several auxiliary aids.