Is force fed a word?

Is force fed a word?

verb (used with object), force-fed, force-feed·ing. to compel to take food, especially by means of a tube inserted into the throat: They force-fed the prisoners in the hunger strike.

Can a doctor force fed you?

The hospital’s duty is to intervene, and the court’s responsibility is to allow such intervention. The most compassionate way in which the hospital can help is to force-feed the patient. If a patient is mentally competent, the refusal to eat is morally wrong.

Why is force-feeding painful?

On the one hand, force-feeding is a form of torture. You’re strapped into a six-point restraint chair—we even called it the “torture chair”—and a lengthy tube is jammed into your nose and snaked down your throat. You feel as though you are choking, being strangled, and yet somehow still able to breathe.

What is forced feeding mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to feed (a person or an animal) by forcible administration of food. 2 : to force to take in force-feed students the classics —also used with a single object force-feed the classics to studentsforce-feed students with the classics.

Can patients refuse to eat?

A patient can choose to refuse food and water without the physician’s knowledge, but without the physician’s support, a patient who feels he or she is ready for death must go through an excruciating ordeal.

Can you refuse feeding tube?

Ethically and legally patients have the right to refuse life-sustaining treatment, including artificial nutrition and hydration. The Patient Self-Determination Act (1991) is a federal statute that reinforces patients’ rights to refuse artificial hydration and nutrition.

Why is force-feeding bad?

Harmful effects of force feeding your child Forced eating leads to loss of interest in children when it comes to eating. Eating disorders like obesity or anorexia might develop in children when they grow up. 4. Children might develop a strong appetite for sweets instead of eating healthy food.