Is FB10 unlimited?

Is FB10 unlimited?

The TNT FB10 or FACEBOOK10 promo is aimed at budget-conscious subscribers who mainly use Facebook and don’t need other services such as unlimited SMS and call minutes.

How can I register smart data on Facebook?

Smart, TNT unveil FREE Instagram and Facebook for All with prepaid promos

  1. Dial *123#
  2. Choose Option 2: FREE IG+FB.
  3. Select promos starting Php20 and up.

Does UNLI Facebook include messenger?

NEW! Unli FB includes full FB features (photos, etc.). You can highlight the Unli FB & Messenger in your post. Unli FB includes full FB features (photos, etc.).

Does Smart have free FB?

Share all you want with Smart’s FREE IG+FB FOR ALL! Smart’s FREE IG+FB FOR ALL comes with 1GB per day for Instagram and Facebook so you can post and share all you want, when you want!

How can I get free MB on my smart 2020?

How do I get my free 500MB / 1GB data?

  1. Simply activate your SIM by checking your account balance and the 500MB / 1GB will automatically be credited into your account.
  2. To check your account balance for free, text? 1515 to 214.

Are there any smart promos for Unli call?

List Of Smart Promos 2021 – Unli Call And Unli Text Plus Internet / Data 1 ST100 2 UCT100 3 UCT200 4 UCT350 5 SAKTO20 6 SAKTO30 7 SAKTODATA30 8 SAKTODATA99 9 UAPlus60 10 UAPlus300

Where can I find list of smart promos?

However, you can also dial *123# and options will prompt on your phone. This includes your balance, featured promos and popular promos of Smart. To know more about Smart promos and what options are best suited for you, you can check these popular Smart promos from mobile internet, gaming to unlimited calls and texts.

Are there any promos for smart cell phone?

Smart offers lots of promos in these services, from budget-friendly calls and texts credits to unlimited ones with longer validity. On the other hand, Smart also offers internet data promos that let’s you access the web and use your favorite apps on your phone.

What can I do with smart data promo?

This article (or dashboard) of Smart internet promo list will make you maximize your data usage especially for SmartBro or LTE pocket wifi. With Smart mobile data promos, you can browse your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and play online games like Mobile Legends, AoV, COC and many more, together with your friends.