Is Cradle Mountain the highest mountain in Tasmania?

Is Cradle Mountain the highest mountain in Tasmania?

Overall Tasmania is comparatively low-lying with the highest point at 1,617 metres (5,305 ft). Tasmania has ten peaks over the height of 1,500 metres (4,921 ft)….Download coordinates as: KML.

Name Cradle Mountain
Altitude AHD ft 5,069
Location 41°40′48″S 145°56′24″E
Prominence m 355
ft 1,165

What are the famous high points of Australia?

Australia’s ten highest mountains

Mount Kosciuszko 2228
Mount Townsend 2209
Mount Twynam 2195
Rams Head 2190

Are there any mountain ranges in Tasmania?

Tasmania has a diverse range of geography but a prominent feature is the mountains of the island. Tasmania’s mountains were part of an ancient range of volcanic peaks from the period of Gondwana, and are the source of a large portion of Tasmania’s wealth in the form of mining.

What is the major mountain in Australia?

Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Kosciuszko is the tallest mountain peak in mainland Australia at 2,228 meters (7,310 feet) tall.

How high are the mountains in Tasmania?

Tasmania has eight mountains exceeding 1,500 metres and 28 above 1,220 metres. The tallest is Mt Ossa (1,614 metres), which is located to the north-east of Queenstown….

Mountain Height (m)
Stacks Bluff 1,527
Mt Geryon 1,520
Mt Massif 1,514

Is Tasmania very hilly?

Tasmania, said to be the world’s most mountainous island and perhaps also its rainiest, is a wind-lashed, wave-carved atoll, the Southern Hemisphere’s last terrestrial gasp before it sinks into the Southern Ocean.