Is Colby Leaving Home & Away?

Is Colby Leaving Home & Away?

The answer is no, Colby has not died yet and he is very much alive but the character has left the show for now. According to a report by, Colby’s younger sister Bella Nixon refuses to leave the prison until she knows what has happened to her brother after being involved in another incident.

What happened to Colby on Home and Away 2020?

Home and Away – Susie lines up new targets Last year, the final episode for 2020 ended on a cliffhanger as Colby (Tim Franklin) found himself surrounded by dangerous inmates in prison. The group of thugs were out for revenge after discovering that Colby used to be a policeman.

Who is Donald Colby in Home and Away?

Tim Franklin
Colby Thorne is a fictional character from the Australian television soap opera Home and Away, played by Tim Franklin. The actor learned from his agent that he had secured the role on his 27th birthday….

Colby Thorne
Occupation Senior Constable
Home Prison

Who snitches on Colby in Home and Away?

In the final moments of Thursday’s episode, Willow Harris was revealed to be the mysterious Witness X, and Angelo’s key to cracking the Ross Nixon murder case. She, Colby, Dean and Bella had been spending a final evening together, knowing it could be the last time they all hung out.

Is Tim Franklin leaving Home and Away 2021?

Tim Franklin has said his final goodbyes to the Bay. Speaking to Digital Spy, the actor confessed that he felt it was time his story came to an end. The actor has confessed that he will miss the friends he’s made during his time on Home & Away.

Who is leaving Home and Away 2020?

Home and Away actress Penny McNamee is set to farewell Summer Bay after five years on the show as Dr Tori Morgan. McNamee’s exit is expected to play out for fans in the coming week and the actress said she is “at peace” with her decision to leave the iconic Aussie show.

Does Colby go to jail Home and Away 2020?

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Colby Thorne’s final scenes air, as the disgraced police officer makes a bold move to protect himself in prison. Just a short while into his 25 year prison sentence, the inmates discovered that Colby was a cop, and set about making it clear what happens to cops in prison.

Why is Willow DOB Colby?

“Willow has known for a long time there’s no way out of this, so she twists the story so that Dean and Bella remain safe. “She turns Colby in to save them,” Sarah, 35, says. “She knew this would tear the family apart, so she made a sacrifice.”

Who ratted on Colby?

In scenes that aired in Australia this week, the Summer Bay soap revealed who betrayed Colby Thorne, as the killer awaited trial for Ross Nixon’s murder. Witness X turned out to be none other than Willow Harris, played by Sarah Roberts.

Why has Willow betrayed Colby?

With Bella and Dean both outraged by Willow’s actions, she explained that she was acting out of loyalty deep down. Seeing that Colby was spiralling out of control and was likely to take them all down with him, she intervened by putting an end to his scheming once and for all.

Why did Dean and Ziggy break up?

Seemingly solid couple Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) split last September after she discovered the truth about his involvement in Ross Nixon’s murder, with the return of Dean’s ex Amber Simmons with her and Dean’s young son, Jai, having also put a huge strain on their relationship.

Why is Maggie leaving Home and Away?

On next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK, it’s a fond farewell to Ben and Maggie Astoni, as they leave Summer Bay for Italy after renewing their commitment to one another.