Is Bully Scholarship Edition a good game?

Is Bully Scholarship Edition a good game?

Good thing for second chances. Bully: Scholarship Edition polishes the graphics, adds a handful of new missions and delivers a unique and thoroughly charming experience on Xbox 360. Though developed by Rockstar, makers of the Congressional-favorite Grand Theft Auto series, Bully is a T-rated game.

Is Bully Scholarship Edition on ps3?

System Requirements: Supported Platforms: PlayStation 3.

Why was the game Bully banned?

Bully was banned in Brazil. In April 2008, a Brazilian judge prohibited the commerce and import of the game. The decision was based on findings by the state psychology society which stated that the game would be potentially harmful to teenagers and adults.

Is Bully Anniversary Edition a good game?

The mobile release is technically a second remaster of the game, as Bully: Anniversary Edition comes with all the tweaks of Scholarship Edition, plus additional graphical effects, higher resolution textures, better lighting, and a new multiplayer mode, effectively making the mobile game the best version yet- At least …

What age should you be to play Bully?

Skill Rating This game is enjoyed by 14+ year-olds as it’s a good match for their ability and maturity. For teenagers comfortable with the content, Bully offers a Grand Theft Auto style experience but without the extreme settings and scenarios.

Is Bully like GTA?

Though most gamers know of the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar’s other infamous title, Bully, is better than the GTA franchise in several ways. Bully had multiple features and gameplay mechanics that not only differentiated it from the GTA series, but improved upon it in many ways.

What’s the difference between Bully and Bully Scholarship Edition?

The game features improved graphics and exclusive content which was unavailable in the PlayStation 2 version, including eight new missions, additional characters, four new school classes (Biology, Music, Math, and Geography) and new unlockable items and clothing.

Where is Bully banned?

Rockstar Games’ ‘Bully’ banned in Brazil.

What is the difference between Bully and Bully Scholarship Edition?

Is Bully: Anniversary Edition for kids?

And while Bully: Anniversary Edition is still not a game for young kids, it’s not nearly as bad as many people might have feared or been told. Game controls are very smooth, and the way classroom mini-games are played (often rhythm-based) makes them fun and a break from the fighting-centric main game mechanic.

Can a 11 year old play Bully?

The only issue parents could have with the game is that it is set in a realistic environment and includes violence and language which kids can imitate. I would recommend this game for older teens. Kids would imitate the things they see in the game.

What’s the story of bully from Rockstar Games?

Stand up to bullies, get picked on by faculty, and play pranks as you work your way up the school’s social ladder. Rockstar’s usual tongue-and-cheek storyline, humorous style, and original gameplay are all here. The strikethrough price is the List Price. Savings represents a discount off the List Price.

Is there a scholarship edition of the game Bully?

THIS IS NOT THE SCHOLARSHIP EDITION OF THE GAME. Bully is one of my favorite games of all time. I love the story, the humor, the characters, and the gameplay. If you want to feel like a mischievous teen again, this is the game for you.

Who are the main characters in Bully PS2?

You play teenager Jimmy Hopkins, a troubled youth who’s been expelled from almost every school. The last resort is Bullworth Academy, a twisted institution that makes the school of hard knocks look oddly normal. The liars, cheaters, and scoundrels are the most popular…but wait, they’re also known as the teachers.

Is there a sequel to the game Bully?

Return to high school with BULLY, a humorous action game that puts players in the role of a high school outcast at a pretentious private school. Which Totally Nonexistent Sequel Does the IGN Community Want Most?