Is Bear Republic closing?

Is Bear Republic closing?

Bear Republic Brewing Co.’s flagship brewpub and restaurant in downtown Healdsburg is slated to close next month after nearly a quarter century, a move the family who own the brewery said they were driven to make because of the rising costs of doing business in a tourist-destination city during a business slowdown.

Where does bear republic distribute?

Cloverdale, Calif. — Bear Republic Brewing Company of Cloverdale, California has signed with Clear River Beverage to distribute their products in Minnesota. Bear Republic has won 22 medals at the Great American Beer Festival and was named the GABF Small Brewing Company and Brewmaster of the Year in 2006.

Is Bear Republic brewery independent?

Many other middle-tier breweries across the country are in the same plight as Bear Republic, the 49th largest independent brewery in the country last year, according to the Brewers Association, the Denver-based trade group that represents such brewers.

Who owns bear republic brewing?

Bear Republic Brewing Company

Industry Alcoholic beverage
Key people Richard R. Norgrove (CEO) Richard G. Norgrove (Brew Master)
Products Beer
Production output 72,000 US beer barrels (8,400,000 l; 2,200,000 US gal; 1,900,000 imp gal) (2013)
Owner Richard R. Norgrove Sandy Norgrove Richard G. Norgrove Tami Norgrove

Who makes Racer 5 beer?

Bear Republic Brewing Company
Racer 5 IPA® – Bear Republic Brewing Company.

What kind of beer is Pliny the Elder?

Double IPA
Pliny the Elder, the beer, is a full-bodied, hop forward Double IPA. Keep refrigerated and consume fresh to best enjoy this beer’s intense hop character.

What is the alcohol content of Racer 5 beer?


Style: West Coast IPA Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus
ABV: 7.5% Malt: Pale Barley Malt, White Wheat Malt, Crystal Malt
IBU: 75 Yeast: House Ale

What percent alcohol is Lagunitas IPA?

California- American India Pale Ale (IPA)- 6.2% ABV. This is Lagunitas’ unique version of an ancient style.

What is the lowest calorie IPA beer?

Editors’ Picks: Low-Calorie IPAs

  • Deschutes Wowza! With a decided light and juicy bent, the nose offers copious amounts of tangerine, peach, guava, and passionfruit with a soft herbal note underneath.
  • Bell’s Light Hearted.
  • Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty.
  • Weldwerks Fit Bits.
  • Two Roads Wee Demon.

Is there a bear Republic in Sonoma CA?

Sonoma is a famous region in California. If you are in or planning to visit San Francisco Bay Area, you should add Bear Republic in your bucket list. Bear Republic Brewing Company is only 50 miles (1 hr 10 min) from San Francisco. Came here to celebrate my sister’s graduation over the weekend and we had a great time!

Is there a pub Republic in Petaluma CA?

“We are open for outdoor dining and takeout!” Pub Republic’s menu is unique, affordable, and offers creative twists on traditional pub fare. A well in a lighter and fresher way.

Where is Bear Republic Brewing Company in San Francisco?

Bear Republic Brewing Company is only 50 miles (1 hr 10 min) from San Francisco. Came here to celebrate my sister’s graduation over the weekend and we had a great time! They had ample outdoor seating (there were 15 of us). We had to sit at 2 different tables, but that’s okay – we still enjoyed the beautiful day.

What kind of beer is at Bear Republic?

Then, I brought three kinds of beer from Bear Republic: HOP SHOVEL DOUBLE IPA SERIES: DANK PINEY, FURTHER THRU THE HAZE DIPA, and RACER 5 IPA. f you are a traveler like me, I bet you love souvenir. As a craft love beer I also like to buy accessories that remind me of the breweries. I bought some beers, hat, socks, t-shirt, and a pint glass.