Is aadhar govt ID proof?

Is aadhar govt ID proof?

This uniqueness property of Aadhaar allows it to act as a robust ID, hence, Aadhaar is accepted as Proof of Identity and Proof of Address for an Aadhaar Holder. Also, some of ministries/ departments and State governments too have notified acceptance of Aadhaar as an Identity document.

How do I get proof of ID?

To create an ID Proof Affidavit, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Draft the Affidavit by including accurate details.
  2. Get it printed on a Stamp paper of minimum value.
  3. Place your signature.
  4. Affix a recent passport size photograph.
  5. Get the Affidavit identified and duly attested by Notary.

How many types of ID are there in India?

S.No. For Proof of Identity ( All Identity proof to have Photo) S.No.
ID-1 Adhaar(UID) A-1
ID-2 Passport A-2
ID-3 Arms Licence A-3
ID-4 Driving License A-4

What is government ID proof?

Voter ID Card, issued by the Election Commission of India. Overseas Citizenship of India document. Person of Indian Origin Card. PAN Card, issued by the Income Tax Department. Driving license in India issued by the respective state governments.

Is Passport a government ID?

A valid government-issued identification document should contain a photo, current address, signature and a unique number or barcode (e.g. driver’s license, passport number) assigned to the person.

What is ID proof?

biometric residence card. national identity card. travel document. birth or adoption certificate or certificate of registry of birth.

Is bank passbook a valid ID proof?

Passport, rent agreement, bank statement or passbook, driving license, telephone bill, electricity bill, water bill, voter ID card are among the list of 44 documents, that are mentioned on UIDAI’s website that can be used for valid address proof.

How do I obtain a government ID?

How to apply

  1. Download and complete the NSW Photo Card Application – PDF.
  2. Gather your driving licence or expired Photo Card, or the necessary identity documents.
  3. Visit a service centre to have your photo taken, and submit your application.

Is PWD ID a valid ID?

Valid nondigitized government-issued IDs: Senior Citizen. PWD.