Is a p2p ecu vtec?

Is a p2p ecu vtec?

wizard’s blood said: p2p= 96-98 ej8 vtec ecu.

Can you tune a p2p ecu?

OBD2 ECUs can only be tuned with a piggy back (VAFC, SAFC, Greddy E-manage etc) and IMO, they suck. I would suggest converting to a chipped P28 with a OBD2b-OBD1 conversion harness.

What is D16A engine?

The D16 is 1.6-liters four-cylinder D-series engine. The most mass production engine is the D16A. This engine is a ubiquitous engine for Civic model as well as the smaller D15B engine. The D16 engine is very similar to the D15.

What’s better d16z6 or d16y8?

The d16z6 has a hemispherical shape and the d16y8 combustion chamber is squared. The d16z6 combustion chamber holds more volume than the d16y8. Because of the d16y8 smaller combustion chamber, the head yields higher compression than the d16z6. So which one is better for doing mods to?

What car is a P06 ECU from?

Technical Information OBDI Vehicle Reference

Model Year Stock ECU
Civic/Del Sol DX/S 92-93 P06
Civic DX 92-95 P08J
Civic Si/EX/ 92-95 P28
Civic HX 96-99 P2N

How do I identify my Honda ECU?

– All Honda ECU’s have an ECU part number which is located on the side of the ECU which allows for easy identification. The middle three characters are the most useful to identify what type of ECU it is. Different generation ECUs may use the same characters.

Can you chip a obd2 ECU?

While the ECUs that come factory in these vehicles are not chippable/tunable… First, you will need to convert to MPFI (multi point fuel injection) and then decide if you want to tune with OBD0 or OBD1 ECUs.

Is a P06 ECU VTEC?

For the ECUs like the P05 and P06 that did not require VTEC, the components that are used for VTEC functionality were simply not installed. You can convert the following ECUs to VTEC: P05.

What Honda ECU do I have?