How wide is a Farmall C tractor?

How wide is a Farmall C tractor?

The Farmall Super C fuel tank holds 11 gallons. Required engine oil capacity is 5 quarts, with 15 quarts of coolant necessary for the radiator system. The tractor’s wheelbase is 82.25 inches with a length of 123 inches. Vehicle height is 74.75 inches with a width of 81 inches.

How many horsepower is an international C?

Farmall C
Weight 4,409 pounds (2,000 kg)
Propulsion Rear wheels
Engine model International Harvester C113
Gross power 23 horsepower (17 kW)

How many Farmall C’s were made?

Farmall C

Manufacturer: Farmall (a part of International Harvester)
Type: Row-Crop tractor
Total built: 79,932
Original price: $1,500

Where are Farmall tractors made?

The new Farmall A tractors are now being manufactured in the state-of-the-art CNH factory facility in Queretaro, Mexico, with a capacity of over 8,000 units per year.

Does a Farmall C have a PTO?

The Farmall C comes ready for perfect front loader operation. With PTO speeds of 540 and 540E including ground speed PTO and a new power curve that is perfectly aligned to PTO work, the Farmall C puts you in a position to handle the work of all seasons.

How wide is a Farmall B?

79.5 inches

Farmall B
Length 108 inches (270 cm)
Width 79.5 inches (202 cm)
Height 65 inches (170 cm)
Weight 2,400 pounds (1,100 kg)

How many horsepower is a Farmall Super C?

Farmall Super C

Farmall Super C Power
Drawbar (claimed): 20.7 hp 15.4 kW
PTO (claimed): 23.67 hp 17.7 kW
Drawbar (tested): 20.72 hp 15.5 kW
Belt (tested): 23.67 hp 17.7 kW

How many horsepower is a Farmall H?

Farmall H

1941 Farmall H
Weight 2,845 pounds (1,290 kg)
Propulsion Rear wheels
Engine model International Harvester C152
Gross power 26 horsepower (19 kW)

Are Farmall tractors any good?

We’ve sold quite a few and they have been good tractors. If it has the power shuttle it has the wet clutch and is very reliable.

How many horsepower is a Farmall 300?

Farmall 300

Farmall 300 Power
Plows: 3-bottom
Drawbar (tested): 35.43 hp 26.4 kW
Belt (tested): 38.42 hp 28.6 kW
power test details …

What kind of tractor was the 1946 Farmall?

1946 International McCormick Farmall A Tractor This picture was taken at the Tatamagouche Labor Day Parade, Sept 3, 2012 1946 Farmall Super A Tractor 1946 Farmall B Tractor 1946 Farmall W4 Tractor 1946 Farmall A Culti-Vision Tractor 1946 International McCormick Farmall Model A

What kind of wheel does a Farmall tractor have?

NOT FOR STEEL WHEEL OR CUT DOWN WHEEL APPLICATIONS. Fits cast wheel center part number 6194D. It is for tractor models H, HV, Super H, Super HV, 300 early, for all 6194D rear wheel. (Part No: 6192DBX)

Where can I find pictures of old Farmall tractors?

The picture was taken at the 2005 The Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum Auction 1949 Farmall Cub Tractor 1949 Farmall H Tractor 1949 Farmall M Tractor 1950 Farmall Cub_Tractor 1950 Farmall Cub Tractor 1951 Farmall Cub Tractor 1951 Farmall H Tractor 1952 Farmall 200 Tractor 1952 IH Farmall 140 Tractor 1953 Farmall Tractor

When did the Farmall F-20 Cub come out?

This tractor was introduced around 1923. This tractor was very sucessful and was updated in 1932 with a larger engine. In 1947 the smallest Farmall, the “Cub” was introduced. It had a a 60 cu. in. four-cylinder engine and a 69-inch wheelbase. For a more complete history go to Wikipedia 2- 1935 Farmall F-20 Tractors