How Vapour absorption refrigeration system works?

How Vapour absorption refrigeration system works?

In a Vapour compression system, the compressor sucks the refrigerant from the evaporator and compresses it under high pressure. Thus the absorber and generator replace the compressor in the vapor absorption cycle. The absorber enables the refrigerant to flow by absorbing from the absorber to the generator.

What is solar Vapour compression refrigeration system?

1.1 Simple Vapour Compression Refrigeration System: The low temperature, low pressure vapour at state B is compressed by a compressor to high temperature and high pressure vapour at state C. This vapour is condensed into high pressure vapour at state D in the condenser and then passes through the expansion valve.

What is the basic principle of solar refrigeration?

The process that makes the refrigeration possible is the conversion of sunlight into DC electrical power, achieved by the PV panel. The DC electrical power drives the compressor to circulate refrigerant through a vapor compression refrigeration loop that extracts heat from an insulated enclosure.

What are the different types of solar refrigeration systems?

Now, there is typically three kinds of solar refrigeration system, they are:

  • Photovoltaic operated refrigeration system.
  • Solar mechanical refrigeration.
  • Absorption refrigeration.

Which refrigerant is used in Vapour absorption refrigerator?

Solution(By Examveda Team) A vapour absorption refrigerator uses Aqua-ammonia as a refrigerant. In the vapor absorption system the refrigerant used is ammonia, water or lithium bromide. The refrigerant gets condensed in the condenser and it gets evaporated in the evaporator.

Which energy is used in Vapour absorption system?

heat energy
The refrigerant, commonly used in a vapour absorption system, is ammonia. The vapour absorption system uses heat energy, instead of mechanical energy as in vapour compression systems, in order to change the conditions of the refrigerant required for the operation of the refrigeration cycle.

What is the basic function of a compressor in a Vapour compression refrigeration system?

The compressor compresses the refrigerant to a high-pressure vapor, causing it to become superheated. Once the refrigerant is compressed and heated, it leaves the compressor and enters the next stage of the cycle.

Why are Vapour absorption system better than compression system?

A Vapour absorption system utilizes the low-grade form of heat energy to produce Cold. Whereas the VCR system needs work energy to produce cold which is a high-grade form of energy and expensive to produce.

Which refrigerant is used in vapour absorption refrigerator?

What are the main components of vapour absorption refrigeration system?

Components in Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System:

  • 1 Evaporator: The main function of the evaporator is to provide cooling to the area with which it is in contact.
  • 2 Absorber: The absorber is used to absorb the refrigerant.
  • 3 Pump:
  • 3 Generator:
  • 4 Analyzer:
  • 5 Pressure Reducing Valve:
  • 5 Condenser:
  • 6 Expansion Valve:

What’s the difference between solar and absorption refrigeration?

On the other hand, absorption refrigeration systems are based on vapour absorption cycle consuming low grade energy i.e. heat energy. Furthermore, it is possible to use wa ste energy and/or solar energy making it more ecofriendly and sustainable. The fundamental difference

When to use a vapour absorption refrigeration system?

Similar to vapour compression refrigeration systems, vapour absorption refrigeration systems have also been commercialized and are widely used in various refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Since these systems run on low-grade thermal energy, they are preferred when low-grade energy such as waste heat or solar energy is available.

Which is the best study of solar refrigeration?

Mittal et al. [10] has studied solar absorption cooling refrigeration system with usage of refrigerant and hot water storage. It was concluded that the design of a solar powered absorption refrigeration system. India. This analysis has been done for the month of J uly.

How is heat energy used in solar refrigeration?

In this work, a solar collector is also designed to provide required amount of heat energy by the absorption system. This heat energy is taken from solar energy which makes this system eco-friendly and sustainable.