How to get tiger shark on Invizimals?

How to get tiger shark on Invizimals?

In-Game Appearances You win it off Sanjay in a bet in Mumbai after you complete the game. Then you can win it off Nomad, a guy at the Mumbai club. He cycles between Zaphyra max, Tigershark pup and mutant Tigershark pup. In mutant form, Tigershark is black with blue stripes.

How to get tigershark?

You may notice the skull in front of his name has dissapeared. He will have a tigershark pup level 1. I recomend a Flameclaw with maxed attack as the tigershark dodges quick and strong attacks. When you beat him you get the tigershark.

How do you catch secret Invizimals?

Secret Invizimals Enter the following code on the World Map: Hold SELECT and press UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT. Click on BIG SECRET and choose to Capture Invizimals. The four Invizimals here require special images to be attracted.

What kind of animal is a Tigershark in Invizimal?

Tigershark is a jungle element invizimal and has appeared in every game in the series, with a main part in the third game The Lost Tribes . As the name suggests, in apperence Tigershark is a cross between a tiger and a shark.

How to tame a Tigershark in Invizimals Shadow Zone?

The InviZimal all hunters wish to capture but only some will tame. This creature has inspired legends in India and Sri-Lanka for over a thousand years. An all-terrain warrior, Tigersharks can fight in the open, stalk, swim – they are capable of everything!!!. InviZimals Shadow Zone : Complete the mission “An Old Ally” you get a COLT.

Who is the voice of Tigershark in Invizimals?

Tigershark Voiced By Frank Todaro ( InviZimals: The Lost King Appearances InviZimals InviZimals: Shadow Zone InviZ Element Jungle Origin India

Is there a Tigershark in the Platinum Collection?

Tigershark is one of the few invizimals for which there exists a dark version and the only invizimal that exists in dark form as a pup, colt and max. Tigershark is never caught in the wave. Instead, Tigershark is always owned by a trainer that is unlocked after the main story has been completed. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle.