How to contact sisal rugs for a sample?

How to contact sisal rugs for a sample?

If you have any questions about customizing your rug, requesting samples, or advice on which rug is right for your space, contact our Customer Service representatives who are available via live chat, our contact form, or by calling 888-613-1335.

What kind of plants are used in Sisal rugs?

Agave Sisalana, Seagrass, Hemp Grass, and Jute are the plants that power our rugs and carpet selection. We sustainably-source our non-toxic fibers out of naturally renewable, biodegradable materials, making our rugs a guilt-free, “green” choice that you and Mother Nature will love.

How tall is a laurel foundry Natural Area Rug?

Add a textural touch to your ensemble when you roll out this natural area rug. Crafted from jute, it features a 0.5″ pile height that encourages comfort underfoot while remaining easy to clean with regular vacuuming. The neutral color of this piece makes it a fine fit for a variety of decor styles and color schemes.

Why are sisal rugs good for the environment?

Grown in arid environments, sisal’s tough fibers are ideal for many hard-wearing products like twines, ropes and rugs. Sisal is remarkably versatile and extremely durable, enabling us to produce rugs and carpets in a range of colors and styles. Why choose sisal?

Can a sisal rug be used as a humidifier?

Sisal is highly absorbent and can act as a natural humidifier in dry climates but it will not fare well outdoors or in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or mudrooms where contact with water is a risk.

Which is the best sisal sealant for carpet?

Sisal-Guard is a spray-on sealant that will act as a barrier to reduce the rate at which natural sisal absorbs liquid. Additionally, our selection of stain-resistant sisals or our exclusive SynSisal® collection of synthetic sisals are both dependable options.