How safe is Volvo V70?

How safe is Volvo V70?

Volvo V70 safety It’s five-star performance in the Euro NCAP crash tests was achieved through scoring 88% in the adult occupant test and 71% in the safety assist category. Standard safety kit includes a full complement of airbags, as well as whiplash protection, anti-lock brakes and traction control.

When did Euro NCAP start testing Volvo V70?

The Volvo V70 was originally assessed by Euro NCAP in 2007. Whiplash tests have been done to supplement the original test data, and the results have been calculated according to the new rating scheme requirements of 2009. There is no change to specification of the car or its safety equipment from the one tested in 2007.

What kind of safety rating does Volvo V70 have?

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Are there any recalls on the Volvo V70?

Euro NCAP agreed to a re-test on the condition that all cars were modified. Volvo have implemented the fix in all production vehicles and have recalled cars, telling owners to get their cars updated by their dealers. Unfortunately, the same problem occurred in the re-test and again the airbag failed to deploy correctly.

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